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People can no longer be photographed in Europe after 25 May 2018

Summary of Disinformation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prohibits the publication of other people’s image without their written consent, even on social media. The law completely kills the entire genre of photography. Sights of European cities will be very difficult to photograph, without violating the law. It is completely unclear how this law will work in Europe, for example, with regard to the TV shooting.


The new regulation does not apply to the processing of personal data by a "natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity and thus with no connection to a professional or commercial activity. Personal or household activities could include correspondence and the holding of addresses, or social networking and online activity undertaken within the context of such activities".

According to GDPR, "the processing of personal data solely for journalistic purposes, or for the purposes of academic, artistic or literary expression should be subject to derogations or exemptions from certain provisions of this Regulation if necessary to reconcile the right to the protection of personal data with the right to freedom of expression and information". So the journalists' activity should not be seriously affected.

Further debunking by Stopfals.md.

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Reported in: Issue 110
Date: 24.05.2018
Language: Moldova
Country: Moldova, EU
Keywords: EU
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Point.md
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