Disinfo: Pfizer used to fake clinical trials, from their reputation we can expect anything


Be curious, type Pfizer at least simply on Wikipedia, in Russian or English. And at the end of the article there will be the longest section “scandals”. They are a lot! You can shoot a detective series: from illegal tests on children with fatal outcomes to falsified trials, lies… <>

Do Pfizer’s top managers know something and expect stock prices to decline when it comes to the administrating the vaccine [against coronavirus] ? Given Pfizer’s reputation, one can expect anything.


The pro-Kremlin disinformation outlet mixes up narratives, adding non existent claims to accusations advanced decades ago and settled with plaintiffs since then.

Thus, there are no credible accusations of Pfizer falsifying clinical trial results. Clinical trials are subject to government inspections, in particular, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in US, which has access to patients participating in clinical trials, to the documentation and other material evidence. The FDA did not accuse Pfizer of falsifying any clinical trials. Only Russian Wikipedia, accessed on November 30, 2020, failing to provide links to other sources, claims that an American medical journal did not have a response from Pfizer regarding a suspicion that part of the clinical trials of fluconazole in 1999 were falsified. In fact, FDA successfully registered Pfizer's fluconazole after the said clinical trials.

As for "illegal tests on children with fatal outcomes", Pfizer was sued after 11 children died in a clinical trial when the northern state of Kano was hit by Africa's worst ever meningitis epidemic in 1996. A hundred children were given an experimental oral antibiotic called Trovan, while a further hundred received ceftriaxone, the "gold-standard" treatment of modern medicine. Five children on Trovan died and six on ceftriaxone. But later it was claimed that Pfizer did not have proper consent from parents to use an experimental drug on their children.

Pfizer rejected the accusations of wrongdoing claiming that the trial helped to save lives, the mortality was higher among children not included in the trial and that the healthcare authorities of Nigeria approved the trials properly. However, in November 2014, Pfizer paid compensation to the families of the deceased patients as set forth in the 2009 extra court settlement agreement.

No other convictions or controversies are known for Pfizer's clinical trials involving children or adults.

As for the final conclusion "given Pfizer's reputation, one can expect anything" [from the Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine], first of all, for a news organisation, it is not correct to report about some unknown "expectations", and not about already happened, real events.

The report is part of a pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign in support of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus. The same disinformation campaign includes statements such as "Western attacks on the Russian coronavirus vaccine are a corporate cold war against humanity" or "Russian progress in COVID-19 vaccine has become for the West an outrageous challenge"; Russian coronavirus vaccine has dozens of orders unlike the American one.


  • Reported in: Issue 222
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 29/11/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, vaccination


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Anti-Belarusian information centre works in Ukraine

An anti-Belarusian information and psychological operations centre has been created in Ukraine. Similar centres already exist in Poland and Lithuania.


There is no proof of Ukraine (or Poland, or Lithuania) having a so-called "operations centre" directed against Belarus.

Ukraine is an independent state which has proclaimed its position toward the situation in Belarus. Moreover, Ukraine has joined the EU in sanctions imposed against Lukashenka's regime.

Donbas and Syrian conflicts are US-sponsored proxy wars

Joe Biden’s top foreign policy advisor and Secretary of State will be Tony Blinken, who is known as one of the architects behind proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the US.

The Donbas conflict is not a US proxy war, but a well-documented case of Russian military aggression against Ukraine, ongoing since early 2014. See e.g. here and here for further debunking.

Ukraine demonstrated an “attack” on Russia

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) showed a video of exercises during which the offensive on the position of a conventional enemy, probably Russia, was practised.





This is a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative alleging Ukraine's hostility towards Russia.

It's true that the Ukrainian Armed forces conducted a series of military exercises on the Mykolaiv range. The training manoeuvres were instructive and methodological in nature and have been related to summarising the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the year 2020. There is no proof, nor indication, these exercises were specifically naming Russia as the enemy.