DISINFO: PMC Wagner doesn't actually exist, it is all imagination and fantasy
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DISINFO: PMC Wagner doesn't actually exist, it is all imagination and fantasy


A lot of rumours, but rumours without any material proof, circulate around the group “Wagner”, while this company remains ghostly and has no existence on the ground. The history of this group is more in the realms of myth and legend. Even among Africans, Wagner is present in the imagination as a superhero, whose arrival they await to help them defeat all the bandits and to find, finally, a peaceful life. Westerners also have their own chilling mythological story about Wagner, perhaps inspired by the “Twilight of the Gods” opera? "

If the armed groups which terrorise the CAR did not have the support of the media campaign coming from Paris, they would have long grasped the futility of their criminal activities. The image of the 'bad Russian' allows the French government to attribute its failures, to an external threat ".

This image of war, artificially created, imposed by the Western media, aims to promote geopolitical interests.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation about the private military company group Wagner.

The Wagner group is not an invention. Some of its operations were exposed by investigative journalists, as has its links with the special services of the Russian Federation, like the GRU and FSB.

The Wagner Group is a shadowy mercenary outfit, which has operated in Ukraine, Syria, the Central African Republic. Its members are mostly ex-service personnel, who fight clandestinely in support of Russian forces in Syria and Ukraine, according to Reuters' interviews with dozens of contractors, their friends and relatives. One of the issues with the PMC Wagner is the unclear responsibility for its military actions in the field.

The Wagner Group is linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, a restaurant and catering magnate known as “Putin's chef” who was sanctioned by the United States after his online troll factory interfered in the 2016 election.

As Dr. András Rácz phrases it:

Wagner should be considered a proxy organisation of the Russian state rather than a private company selling services on the open market.

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