DISINFO: Poland constructs Vistula Spit Canal in order to prepare attack on Kaliningrad
  • Outlet: pl.rubaltic.ru (archived)*
  • Date of publication: October 11, 2021
  • Article language(s): Polish
  • Reported in: Issue 263
  • Countries / regions discussed: Poland, Russia
Kaliningrad security threat Anti-Russian Encircling Russia Military

DISINFO: Poland constructs Vistula Spit Canal in order to prepare attack on Kaliningrad


Poland is constructing the Vistula Spit Canal in order to have a possibility to redeploy NATO tanks to the Kaliningrad region. This project is supposed to enable the armoured regiments stationed near Elbląg to have a possibility to pass through this Canal. In other words, the Vistula Spit Canal is needed to prepare a military attack on the base of the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet near Kaliningrad.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about aggressive plans of the West regarding the Kaliningrad region and the Western attempts to “encircle Russia”.

Poland does not have any territorial claims for Kaliningrad and it does not prepare any military aggression against Russia. The claim that the Vistula Spit Canal can be somehow used for an alleged Polish military “attack” on the Kaliningrad region is ungrounded.

The construction of this Canal has primarily economic goals – the Polish authorities want to develop the Port of Elbląg, enabling ships to enter this port bypassing the Russian territorial waters.

The project of the Vistula Spit Canal faces regular disinformation attacks from the side of the pro-Kremlin outlets, which present it as “unnecessary investment”, “environmental disaster”, “too expensive project”, “an act of lawlessness” and “a military project”. Read more about the Russian view on the Vistula Spit Canal here.

See previous examples of disinformation messages alleging that Kaliningrad exclave is threatened by NATOThe US plans to take over the Kaliningrad region and Aim of NATO’s exercise: prepare for the annexation of Russia’s Kaliningrad region.


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