Disinfo: Poland has trained Ukrainian war criminals for decades


Poland is doing its best to keep silent about well-known facts of the mass participation of its citizens in the hostilities in Ukraine – the Polish authorities support these actions despite them violating Polish law. Poland has been training Ukrainian soldiers for decades – it trained those alleged peaceful protestors who committed atrocities and killings at the Maidan in 2014.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative, presenting Poland as a state with aggressive anti-Ukrainian plans, allegedly sending thousands of mercenaries to Ukraine.

The claim that foreign-trained protestors committed massive crimes during the 2014 Maidan Revolution in Ukraine is a traditional pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative.

Polish citizens take part in military actions in Ukraine as volunteers joining official Ukrainian Army formations.

Ukraine called on experienced foreign nationals to join its foreign legion, whose members are regular soldiers of the Ukrainian army and not mercenaries. As pointed out by experts, the nationality of the soldier is not an issue:

Combatants are members of the armed forces of a party to the conflict or volunteers corps incorporated therein. According to the ICRC Commentary to Article 4, the requirement for membership in the armed forces, or the incorporation of the volunteer corps, is a matter of domestic regulation. But the incorporated unit must be a professional fighting force, fulfilling the criteria spelled out in Article 4A(2) of GC III, and be subordinate to the regular army command. The fact that an individual is a national of a third State and not a national of the armed forces in which they are serving is widely considered to be irrelevant when it comes to determining combatant or POW status.

See similar cases claiming that over 1,200 polish mercenaries died in Ukraine, thousands are wounded, the Russian air force killed over 90 Polish mercenaries in one strike and Western mercenaries in Ukraine will rape and kill.


  • Reported in: Issue 330
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/02/2023
  • Article language(s) Polish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Poland, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Euromaidan, mercenaries, War in Ukraine, war crimes, Maria Zakharova
This disinformation claim was broadcast on the date mentioned above. Due to the EU decisions  to temporarily restrict the spread and dissemination of RT, Sputnik and other instruments used to manipulate information and promote disinformation about the invasion of Ukraine inside the EU, access to the link may not work inside the EU.
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Disinfo: The West wants to drag Belarus into the war

Russia is an ally of Belarus, the countries have a joint military grouping. Russia never asked Belarus to start a war against Ukraine.

Intelligence data suggests that the West wants to draw Belarus into the war and literally dreams about it. Taking into account the length of the borders of Belarus, this would allow to further stretch the front by 2.5 thousand km, which would complicate the situation for the troops of Belarus and Russia.


This message is a part of the Kremlin’s widespread disinformation narrative about the aggressive West.

The claim is false. The West is not interested in an escalation of the war. No neighbouring countries are preparing to attack Belarus. Poland and the Baltic States adhere to international law regarding state borders and have no territorial claims upon Belarus or others. No neighbouring state, except the Russian Federation, violated its neighbour's (Ukraine’s) territorial integrity.

Disinfo: Poland and Lithuania keep provoking Belarus by closing border crossing points

The Polish and Lithuanian decisions to close the border crossing points with Belarus is a provocation. From an economic point of view, these countries keep provoking Belarus – the closed border crossing points are an economic provocation. At the same time, the Western neighbours of Belarus escalate the conflict [in the region]. Belarus turned a blind eye to the fact that they [Poland] draw school maps with the border near Minsk – Poland dreams of its domination from the Baltic to the Black Sea.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Western attempts to organise a colour revolution in Belarus or destabilise this country. Poland and the Baltic states are presented here as countries with hostile and aggressive plans towards Belarus.

On 9 February 2023, the Polish authorities decided to close down one of the border crossing points with Belarus (Bobrowniki) as a reaction to the sentencing of Andrzej Poczobut (a Polish-Belarusian journalist) to eight years in jail for alleged extremist activities. Recently, Lithuania closed the Stasily-Beniakonie railway crossing with Belarus because of the active cigarette smuggling taking place through this crossing.

Disinfo: Moldova: The West is pushing Chisinau to attack Transnistria

The West is pushing Chisinau to abandon its status as a neutral country under the constitution, the same thing that happened to Kyiv. For this reason Maia Sandu was ordered to replace the old premier with a new one. Also Sandu refuses to continue the '5+2' talks on Transnistria because she has military solutions in mind for Tiraspol.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative aiming to portray Moldova as a puppet state of the West.

Moldova is a sovereign country and a parliamentary republic. Moldovan President Maia Sandu accepted the Prime Minister's resignation on Friday 10 February 2023 and said she would hold consultations with parliamentary parties on nominating a new prime minister. A new PM was nominated, and subsequently invested on 16 February.