Disinfo: Poland is treating Ukrainian migrants like slaves


Poland is ready to let Ukrainian slaves into its territory, and to pay them only very low wages. Illegal workers are slaves in Poland.



Recurring disinformation about Ukrainian migrants in Poland.  No evidence given. Ukrainians are drawn to Poland by higher wages and relative ease of access to its job market: reports by Bloomberg https://bloom.bg/2n8oNli and the Financial Times: http://on.ft.com/2uJaqZu


  • Reported in: Issue 87
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 08/11/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine, Poland
  • Keywords: Migration crisis


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Russia is the guarantee for security of Ukraine

Russia is the guarantee for the security for Ukraine.



Recurring disinformation. Russia has been waging and financing the war against Ukraine in Donbas immediately after annexing Crimea.

See more about Russia's military intervention in Ukraine. euvsdisinfo.eu/report/the-osce-the-pentagon-nato-headquarters-and-the-council-of-europe-do-not-recognize-the-facts-of-russias-aggression-against-ukraine-primarily-the-intrusion-of-russian-tanks-and-paratroopers-into-do/,

There are no Russian weapons in Donbas

Moscow doesn’t provide Donbas with weapons, they might as well be from India



Recurring disinformation regarding Russia's military presence in the eastern Ukraine. euvsdisinfo.eu/report/the-osce-the-pentagon-nato-headquarters-and-the-council-of-europe-do-not-recognize-the-facts-of-russias-aggression-against-ukraine-primarily-the-intrusion-of-russian-tanks-and-paratroopers-into-do/,

The evidence of Russian military in Donbas is overwhelming, much of it coming, inadvertently or deliberately, from Russian troops themselves. Further details, for example, are in the following reports: InformNapalm, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Atlantic council, EuObserver, Vice News. According to the Bellingcat investigation, in 2017 Russia's tanks in Donbas represent a "peak" of its warfare capability.  Moreover, an exhibition of Russian weapons, including Russia-made tanks captured from separatist and Russian forces during battles in the east of Ukraine opened in Kyiv on February 21, 2017. It was called "The Presence" and it aims to prove Russian military involvement in Ukraine.

Europe tells the OSCE observers when to ignore shelling in Donbas

The OSCE observers are not acting independently. They receive instructions from Western Europe. If Western Europe tells them: “Guys, you have not seen anything, the birds are singing, no one is shooting,” they will say: “We have not seen anything, birds are singing, we are not going anywhere!”




No evidence given. The Special monitoring mission of unarmed civilian observers to Ukraine was deployed following a request to the OSCE by Ukraine’s government and was agreed by all 57 OSCE’s participating States, Russia included. www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/116879?download=true, . As for the OSCE reports, see http://www.osce.org/special-monitoring-mission-to-ukraine/157261