Disinfo: The Poles thanked Hitler for exterminating the Jews


Immediately after the war between Germany and Poland ended, a thousand delegates from the Polish Peasants’ Party voted in favour of a resolution in which they thanked (Adolf) Hitler for the extermination of the Polish Jews and demanded the expulsion of the survivors.


A recurring disinformation message that is part of the Kremlin’s policy of historical revisionism.

This passage refers back to the 2006 review of the book entitled "Fear: Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz," by Jan T. Gross, where David Margolick writes: "With the war over, and to tumultuous applause, a thousand delegates of the Polish Peasants Party actually passed a resolution thanking Hitler for annihilating Polish Jewry and urging that those he'd missed be expelled."

However, according to Charles Chotkowski, the director of research of the Holocaust Documentation Committee, Polish American Congress, the book, in fact, reads (on Page 226):

"In turn, the third speaker took the rostrum (his name unknown) and by analogy to a thesis from [Minister of Public Administration] Kiernik's speech that Poland must be a mono-ethnic state [this was apropos of expulsions of the German population from newly incorporated territories] put out a resolution that Jews should also be expelled from Poland, and he also remarked that Hitler ought to be thanked for destroying the Jews (tumultuous ovation and applause)."

Note that the remark about thanking Hitler was not part of the proposed resolution, and there is no indication that the resolution was ever adopted, according to what "The New York Times" has reported.

There have been similar examples of Russian historical revisionism concerning Poland including, it is thanks to Russia that Poland exists as a country todayNazi Germany considered Poland its best ally, and the USSR was forced and reluctant to sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.


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Sputnik Estonia and its employees are being persecuted

This is the persecution, the real persecution, which is now being conducted against not only the Sputnik Estonia, but specifically, every employee who goes to work. Sputnik Estonia’s reporters did not violate the laws of the country and professional ethics.


Recurring disinformation campaign aimed at the Estonian authorities. There is no persecution against Sputnik in Estonia as clarified by a recent interview given by the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Estonia is on the 11th place of Reporters without Borders Press freedom index. It's important to note that Estonia has not blocked Sputnik Estonia's website, as it is accessible and operational. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu has emphasized that Estonia has not taken any measures against the portal's media content: "They are financial sanctions aimed at economic activity. I believe it to be justified. We have notified the European Commission's Legal Service. European agencies have said in the Commission that steps taken by Estonia in exercising sanctions policy are warranted."

Ukraine does not want to buy gas from Russia because its politicians monopolise the gas market

Ukraine does not want to buy gas for the needs of the population from Russia due to the fact that Ukrainian politicians want to maintain full control over Ukraine’s gas market.


This case appeared against the backdrop of an interview with the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Dmytro Kuleba, to Interfax-Ukraine. The politician said that Ukraine is not ready to return to direct gas supplies from Russia, because it intends to do this only within the framework of the European energy market and according to its rules. 

According to Kuleba, the introduction of European legislation into the gas sector of Ukraine is necessary so that Russian Gazprom cannot use gas issues as an instrument of political blackmail. “When we create an integrated energy gas market in accordance with EU standards, we cannot ban companies from buying gas from Gazprom in accordance with their agreements, but in Ukraine, Gazprom will exclusively play according to European rules and regulations. It will not have a monopoly, will not be able to impose its conditions by bribing officials, it will be one of the players," said Kuleba.

Ukraine will issue citizenship to murderers

Ukraine allowed citizenship to be issued to murderers and punishers.


This is a recurring narrative that Kyiv favours those who support Nazi views and that the war against the people of Donbas is waged by successors of the Hitlerites.

Such fakes appeared in Russian media against the backdrop of the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approving the procedure for granting citizenship to foreigners who face political persecution in their homeland for supporting Ukraine. The new decision of the Cabinet of Ministers has nothing to do with the "killers". It refers to the fighters who helped ensure national security and territorial integrity of Ukraine.