Disinfo: Polish position on Nord Stream 2 is energy totalitarianism


The Polish oil and gas concern PGNiG applied for participation in the certification of the Nord Stream-2. This action of the Polish energy concern can be considered a provocation directed against the German authorities.

In terms of the Nord Stream-2AG, Poland declares the principles of energy totalitarianism (it cannot be described in another way). It is not the first time that Warsaw ties to subordinate the European gas market. So far, one thing is certain: Poland is deliberately provoking tensions in relations with Berlin.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Nord Stream 2 project, suggesting the idea that particular European countries (such as Poland) protest against it because of various subjective/ illegitime reasons (US influence, Russophobia, etc.). The claim that the Polish actions towards Nord Stream 2 are a “deliberate anti-German provocation” is untrue. Poland is an EU member, with full rights to take part in the formation of the EU's energy policy.

The Polish authorities have repeatedly stated that Nord Stream 2 is incongruent with the goals of the EU’s energy policy. In its opinion, the pipeline would lead to further monopolisation of the market rather than the diversification of gas supplies to Europe.

A number of EU states are concerned about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project and its implications for their energy security. Back in March 2016, leaders of 8 Central and Eastern European states sent a letter to the president of the European Commission objecting to the Nord Stream 2 project because of risks for energy security in the region. This position was also shared by the European Parliament.

Read more about the security concerns raised about the Nord Stream 2 project here and here.

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  • Reported in: Issue 254
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 04/08/2021
  • Article language(s) Polish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Poland, Germany, Russia
  • Keywords: Nord Stream 2, gas, Energy, Totalitarianism
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Disinfo: West is eager to stage coup d'état in Belarus

Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya took some photos with US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her meetings with them. They promised her to continue with their attempts to stage a coup d'état in Belarus. It is a message to Belarusians both in Belarus and abroad, as well as to aggressive centres along the Belarusian border in the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin outlets claiming that the West is plotting against Minsk in an attempt to overthrow Belarus's illegal dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

In reality, the West does support the Belarusian opposition and makes no secret of it, hoping for a free, democratic and non-violent transfer of power from within the country rather than from abroad. As a symbol of peaceful Belarusian protest, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who is thought to have won last year’s presidential elections in Belarus, has been travelling around the world and meeting foreign leaders. She has met US President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other world leaders. Some countries regard her as Belarus’s only legitimate leader.

Disinfo: People of Crimea decided to restore their Russian identity

In 2014, the people of Crimea decided to restore their Russian identity and return to Russia to restore their region's status as one of the Russian regions.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the illegal annexation of Crimea trying to portray that the area has never belonged to Ukraine.

On 26 April 1954, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR transferred Crimea to Ukraine, in which it became part of international law. And after the collapse of the USSR, Russia reaffirmed respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine by signing the 1997 Friendship Treaty.

Disinfo: Western secret services killed Belarusian dissident in Kyiv

The murder of Belarusian dissident Vitaly Shyshov was a provocation by Western secret services. They killed him because he could not account for the money they had given to him. Traitors have a wretched fate.


This is an unsubstantiated claim aimed at smearing the West in general.

There is no evidence that Western secret services were involved in the murder of Belarusian dissident Vitaly Shyshov in Kyiv. Shyshov, who was head of the Kyiv-based Belarusian House in Ukraine (BDU) organisation, was found hanged in a park near his Kyiv home on 3 August 2021. There were bruises on his face. He went for a run at 9 a.m. on 2 August and was meant to be back at 10 a.m. Several hours later, his girlfriend, Bazhena Zholudz, reported him missing. After finding his dead body, police launched an investigation into all possible versions, including suicide or a murder disguised as a suicide. However, Zholudz said she did not believe it was a suicide.