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US preparation of another 'false flag' attack in Syria

Summary of Disinformation

Rebels in Syria in cooperation with American forces are preparing another false flag chemical attack in Syria. It will involve the release of toxic agents and creation of footage of an attack, which will then be used as a legitimate reason for attack from US forces.


No evidence given, recurring disinformation euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=US&disinfo_issue=&disinfo_keywords%5B%5D=77353&date=,

No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation that chemical attacks in Syria are "fake".  There cannot be "another" imitation of a chemical attack in Syria by the US, as there is no evidence that there has been one before.

Earlier, pro-Kremlin disinformation has claimed that both the 2017 attack in Khan Sheikhoun and 2018 in Douma were faked. UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism found Syria’s Government responsible for last year’s attack in Khan Shaykhun. On April 10 2018 Russia vetoed a U.S.-drafted U.N. Security Council resolution that would have created a new inquiry to ascertain responsibility for chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

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Reported in: Issue 112
Date: 13.06.2018
Language: Czech
Country: Russia, US, Syria
Keywords: false flag, Chemical weapons/attack, Syrian War
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: http://svobodnenoviny.eu
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