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President Poroshenko's wife steals money from disabled children

Summary of Disinformation

Marina Poroshenko, the wife of Ukrainian president, steals money from funds provided by international humanitarian assistance to Ukraine from European countries and the US designated to support disabled children. She creates fake foundations throughout Ukraine and collects money via that, according to an investigation by European media.


The article was indeed published, but only in a media outlet called the Luxembourg Herald (which appears to have no link to Luxembourg), where it appeared as an opinion piece without an author's name. The article was very swiftly picked up and carried by various Russian media.  No evidence or documents were given in the text. http://luxherald.com/1459-president-poroshenkos-wife-involved-looting-money-needy-children.html. More detail from the fact-checking website the Insider. 

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Reported in: Issue 88
Date: 16.11.2017
Language: Russian
Country: Luxembourg, Ukraine
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Capital, Golos Pravdi, Journalistskaya Pravda etc.
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