Disinfo: Protesters in the US are doing the same what Nazis are doing in Ukraine


[The protests in the US are] the same what Nazis are doing in Ukraine, and they talk the same: “listen, they are only expressing their patriotic opinion”. God forbid there’s blood…

Who are Nazis here [in the US]?

Clearly those who started it, the Afro-Americans. Clearly negroes who are doing hell knows what.


An attempt to denigrate the racial justice protests in the US using the recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Nazi Ukraine.

Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets have consistently tried to frame the 2013-14 Ukrainian revolution as a coup d'etat, and Ukrainian politics as dominated by fascist/Nazi groups and ideology. See previous disinformation narratives alleging that the 2014 Ukraine coup was orchestrated by neo-Nazis and that the Nazis took over Ukraine with a coup.

For more information about the protests in the US read here.


  • Reported in: Issue 200
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 02/06/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine, US
  • Keywords: US racial justice protests, Nazi/Fascist


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Polish actions against Nord Stream 2 are inconsistent with EU policies – they promote the US interests

The Polish actions against the Nord Stream 2 are largely motivated by politics – they are aimed against the Russian-European energy cooperation. The Polish energy regulator, de facto, executes an order, which corresponds to the interests of the USA, which is looking forward to weakening this project.

Such behaviour from Poland creates serious problems for this country – being an EU member, Poland implements a policy inconsistent with EU policies. Poland undermines its own perspectives of development – Russia has the potential to be a large trading partner for this country.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Nord Stream 2 Project, suggesting the idea that particular European countries protest against it because of the position of the United States.

The statement that the Polish authorities are against the construction of Nord Stream 2 because of the USA's position is a conspiracy theory. The Polish authorities have repeatedly stated that Nord Stream 2 is incongruent with the goals of the EU's energy policy. In the opinion of Poland, the pipeline would lead to further monopolisation of the market rather than the diversification of gas supplies to Europe.

Symbols used during the protests in US prove they are directed by Soros and the Democratic party

A boomerang returned to the US: the one they throw all over the world, and primarily the Middle East. Colour revolutions gripped many countries. The same symbols used during these protests prove that the process was controlled […]

We remember well how Soros said that revolutions must take place across the post-Soviet space. These symbols were used in Kyrgyzstan. Even in Armenia, when we said that those were genuine social protests, the same symbols were used. […] They had this symbol here. Who created this symbol and who financed it? I am absolutely certain that the directions for this come form Soros and the Democratic majority, which today is not hindering the development of this racial-civil conflict, which they can influence.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about colour revolutions and George Soros.

The widespread protests against racial injustice and police brutality broke out in the US after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on the 25th of May, 2020. The protests followed several high-profile incidents involving African Americans and the police, invoking debates about racism in the US. There is no evidence to suggest that the latest wave of protests is pre-arranged, let alone that the US Democratic party or George Soros are involved.

The matriarchal societies of the West have reacted hysterically to the coronavirus imposing unnecessary mass quarantines

The US and other Western countries are matriarchal societies. This is because a very high percentage of families in these countries are governed by single mothers. The social and political ideas of this large population of single mothers exert a strong influence on the West’s political decision-makers. As a result, Western societies are weakened because single mothers tend to hysterically embrace new and unverified ideas and are highly risk-averse. The matriarchal nature of the US and of other Western countries explains why Western governments have exaggerated the coronavirus epidemic, reacting in a hysterical and panic-stricken manner to the epidemic and imposing excessive and unnecessary mass quarantines. Patriarchal societies such as China, Iran, Vietnam and other nations have clearly outperformed the matriarchal West in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative claiming that Western governments have exaggerated the dangers of  COVID-19 and have reacted hysterically to the pandemic. This narrative seeks to discredit actions taken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and by national governments to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The article’s message is also consistent with gender stereotypes and the recurring pro-Kremlin narrative portraying Western societies as decadent and morally weak, having lost their traditional values and breaking down under the weight of feminism. This narrative claims that the cultures and governments of non-Western countries based on traditional patriarchal values are superior to those of the West.