Disinfo: Protests in Kazakhstan are a new Western attempt to organise a colour revolution


Protests in Kazakhstan are a new attempt to organise a colour revolution in the post-Soviet space. All the current Kazakh elite studied in Western universities, mostly British. Therefore, there are many influence agents in Kazakhstan. They don’t have anything to do with Russia, and they promote European integration. Generally, Kazakhstan is being played by the West according to the Ukrainian scenario.

Signs of a coup can be clearly traced in the events in Kazakhstan. First, the call to take governmental buildings, military units and security forces. Second, the presence of organisers according to long-data manuals and footprints. Third, the presence of foreigners, plus the interests of the collective West.


This case mixes a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative framing popular protests contrary to the Kremlin’s interests as "Western-backed colour revolutions" with an attempt to explain the new developments in Kazakhstan.

The case seeks to lay the blame on the West for the entire unrest in Kazakhstan which is fueled by high gas prices and social discontent in the Kazakh society.

There is no evidence to back the claims, such as the presence of western organizers in the mobilisations or the character of Kazakh elites as “Western influence agents”.

This narrative is part of a developing wider public campaign to justify Russian-led foreign military deployment in Kazakhstan in the frame of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO).

See other examples of similar disinformation narratives on "colour revolutions" in our database, such as claims that the current Ukrainian regime came to power after the foreign-led “orange revolution” in 2013, that Americans developed a technology that can strip states of their sovereignty without war, that the EU and the US aim to generate a new wave of anti-government protests in Belarus, that the West uses Russian protest movements as a fifth column to destabilise Russia, or that the EU can use certain “colour revolution” elements to organise early elections in Poland.


  • Reported in: Issue 274
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 05/01/2022
  • Article language(s) Spanish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Kazakhstan, Russia, EU, UK, US
  • Keywords: Colour revolutions, Abandoned Ukraine
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Disinfo: Ukraine continues to gather military equipment in Donbas

Ukraine continues to stack military equipment near contact lines in the Donbas region. The country breaks the ceasefire agreement by doing so. Ukraine also interfered with the OSCE mission to hide this equipment from the organisation's monitoring UAVs.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Ukraine is not willing to implement the Minsk agreements, and Ukraine's position is the only obstacle on the way to the peace process in Donbas.

According to the 04 January 2022 OSCE spot report covering the period between 31 December and 3 January, there were three armoured vehicles in the security zone in government-controlled areas; one BMP-1, one BMP-2, and one BTR-80.

Disinfo: US, UK and Canada tried to use Ukraine as a battery ram against Russia

In the Ukrainian crisis, Europe and Ukraine are used by the US, which will leave them at their own fate, as always. The destruction of those countries doesn’t matter much to the US as long as it happens far from its territory. In this case the US, UK and Canada tried to use Ukraine as a battery ram against Russia, and turn the Ukrainians into useful idiots that immolate themselves in an open war with Russia. Meanwhile the Anglo-Saxon allies will provide them all kind of support, such as slaps on the back.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Ukrainian statehood and war in Ukraine. These claims are part of an ongoing disinformation campaign about Russia’s military buildup in the border with Ukraine. By accusing the US of being the driving force behind the escalation of tensions, this disinformation story aims to deny any Russian responsibility in the situation.

Since late October 2021, Russia has deployed more than 90,000 troops, as well as of certain specialized military units, electronic warfare systems and heavy-armoured vehicles along the borders of Ukraine.

Disinfo: The US and Annalena Baerbock are inciting the Ukrainians to war

Is the West inciting Ukraine in a search for new armed conflicts? Western countries are again threatening Russia with sanctions, while Ukraine wants to join NATO and cause new serious problems near the Russian borders because the West never renounced the idea of encircling and dividing Russia. It seems that the current US administration has completely rejected the attempt of Donald Trump’s former government to put in practice a rapprochement to Russia. Its current agenda is reduced to threats to Russia’s functioning and security, threatening it with war. Russia’s behaviour is merely defensive. Another factor is Angela Merkel’s exit. In her place, we have now Annalena Baerbock with her very problematic policy, which along with US State Department planners can really take this conflict beyond what is acceptable in international relations and cause another conflagration, by inciting Ukrainians to war.


This is a mix of several recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Ukraine and encircling Russia, part of an ongoing disinformation campaign about Russia’s military buildup on the Ukrainian border.

By accusing the West, and especially the new governments in the US and Germany, of inciting conflict in Ukraine, and by labelling Russia’s moves as “merely defensive”, this article aims to deflect any Russian responsibility for the situation. The mention of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock's policies as "problematic" an attempt is made to reduce her role. It further serves to prepare the ground to frame her party's longstanding opposition to Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2 for environmental and political reasons, including its possible cancellation in case of further escalation in Ukraine, as an aggressive, anti-Russian move.