Disinfo: RT is the voice of truth


Today, dozens of millions of people worldwide watch and read RT every day. This is a voice that is trusted and respected. And let us be straight, it is this voice, the voice of the truth, which is feared and would rather be hushed up by some.

The real reason for the channel’s success is that it follows the general rules of honest, professional and free journalism, which historically rejects any information monopoly, censorship or desire to assign to itself the right to the ultimate truth.


Disinformation message regarding RT (formerly Russia Today), the Russian state-owned international network.

RT network cannot be described as following the general rules of honest, professional and free journalism.

In 2019 UK media regulatorOfcom fined RT £200,000 for breaching impartiality rules multiple times. Ofcom’s investigation found that RT failed to preserve due impartiality on seven occasions between 17 March and 26 April 2018 in its reporting on the Salisbury poisoning and the war in Syria – major matters of political controversy and current public policy.

The internet trust tool Newsguard, which gives trust ratings for online news websites, gives RT a score of 32.5 out of 100 (25out of 100 for the French version), and warns that the "website severely violates basic journalistic standards". There are issues with transparency. For instance, RT website fails to disclose the ownership and financing: the holding structures are not clearly stated on the website and even boldly denied by the leaders in an attempt to avoid sanctions in Latvia. The site also fails to provide names of content creators, along with either contact or biographical information: RT justifies this pretending that only boastful sign their articles and can be reached.

There are also issues with credibility. The site publishes regularly false content. The site fails to gather and present information responsibly. The site fails to handle the difference between news and opinion responsibly. The site avoids deceptive headlines.

Because RT France has published false information and distorted coverage to support the views of the Russian government that owns it, and, through its reporting serves a mission of sowing dysfunction in other countries, Newsguard has determined that the website does not gather and present information responsibly, publishes deceptive headlines and doesn't handle the difference between news and opinion.

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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/12/2020
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NASDAQ will delist any company without one LGBT board member

The American Stock Exchange “Nasdaq” announced its intention to remove companies that do not appoint one woman and a member of the LGBT minority to their boards of directors.

The ruling elite finds nothing better than sacrificing efficiency for ideology. It happened in the Soviet Union for the sake of communist ideology, in the United States, it happens for the liberal ideology, which requires that companies not be run by effective professionals, with experience and professional competence, and have come a long way in the career ladder, but based on their background whether they are gay or women whose competence is summed up only in not being men.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that seeks to discredit liberalism by comparing it to the communism of the Soviet Union, which makes it part of a wider narrative claiming that liberal societies are totalitarian systems ruled by “globalist elites”.

The new proposed Nasdaq listing requirement does not force companies to have an LGBT board member but requires listed companies to include in their board at least one woman and one member from an underrepresented minority group "or" an LGBTQ member.

Ukrainian Information and psychological operations groups aim to discredit the Russian vaccine

Ukrainian Information and psychological operations groups are the main executors in cyber operations by Great Britain. They know the Russian language, the fakes they spread will look like reliable information for the western resident. “Vaccine stuffing” is already being dispersed over the internet. The goal is to discredit the Russian vaccine and convince the population that the Western one is safe.


This is part of a disinformation campaign launched after approval of the Sputnik V vaccine was met with scepticism and criticism, even by Russian specialists in the country.

No evidence is provided to support the claim that some "Ukrainian Information and psychological operations groups" work for Great Britain in order to discredit Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

"Looking for cheap slaves." IMF 'kills' the Ukrainian economy

Why did we have to pledge medicine, people’s pensions, what have financial organisations to do with it? The answer is very simple: conquerors came to us, those who, under the guise of aid, killed the Ukrainian economy… The International Monetary Fund needs us like a cash cow – to take the land, destroy the industry, it needs cheaply developed slaves.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative alleging that Ukraine is controlled by the IMF.

There is no evidence that cooperation with the IMF could threaten the Ukrainian economy. On the contrary, IMF assistance helps to develop the Ukrainian economy.