Disinfo: Russia fights the collective West, not just Ukraine


It is clear that the majority of weapons, ammunition, military equipment and equipment transported from the USA to Europe is transported to Ukraine. As for the 16,000 additional American soldiers in Europe, at least some of them are also in Ukraine They appeared there as real foreign mercenaries and volunteers and fighting alongside Ukrainian servicemen against the Russian army.

That is why Russian armed forces were forced to withdraw from Kherson. Because Russia is not only fighting against Ukraine, but also against the USA, NATO, the entire collective West led by the United States.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin outlets claiming that the West, the US and NATO are directly involved in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, thereby justifying the withdrawal of Russian units from Kherson.

The West is not at war with Russia or the Russians. Since Russia launched its full-scale unjustified aggression against Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the West has been calling for Russian withdrawal from Ukraine and a peaceful settlement. The West is not interested in the continuation of the war at the heart of Europe.

Only the Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting Russian invaders in Ukraine.

Ukraine called on experienced foreign nationals to join its foreign legion, whose members are regular soldiers of the Ukrainian army and not mercenaries. It is not an unusual practice since other countries also offer foreigners the opportunity to join the foreign legion without being mercenaries, as in the case of the French Légion étrangère.

There are no US or NATO forces on the frontline. Some NATO member states provide Ukraine with military assistance to repel the unprovoked Russian aggression, but they are not involved in direct fighting. Ukraine receives weapons with the sole aim of restoring its territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. Western instructors train Ukrainian soldiers how to use modern weaponry and NATO officials have frequent political contacts with Ukrainian counterparts, but there are no NATO troops fighting on the front.

On the 11th of November the Russian forces retreated from Kherson. Russians had to openly announce their withdrawal as they could not hold the city any longer, as their troops (about 30,000 in that area) could not deter the Ukrainian offensive for a long time.

The US, the EU and NATO condemn in the strongest possible terms Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is entirely unjustified and unprovoked.


  • Reported in: Issue 317
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/11/2022
  • Article language(s) Armenian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US, Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: War in Ukraine, Invasion of Ukraine, NATO, Military, Anti-Russian, West, Foreign mercenaries
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Disinfo: Recognising Tatarstan's independence is a provocation by Ukrainian Nazis

A draft resolution recognising the independence of the Republic of Tatarstan from Russia by the Kyiv parliament in Ukraine is a lowly step that will not affect the country's unity.

This is all a provocation by the Ukrainian Nazis who took over Kyiv. They will not be able to undermine the unity of our country [Russia] with such steps.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative portraying Ukrainian politics and society as dominated by Nazi/fascist ideology. Linking some countries with Nazism is a widespread disinformation tactic used by pro-Kremlin outlets. Read more in our analysis Key-narratives-in-pro-kremlin-disinformation-nazis.

The claim was neither counterbalanced nor critically challenged in the article.

Disinfo: Sanctions that were supposed to destroy Russia may disintegrate the EU

The EU continues to approve new sanctions packages, and economic and war aid to the Kyiv regime, selling out financially and emptying its arsenals.

The result is that Russia is the most sanctioned country in the world, while the European Union is on the verge of collapse. The sanctions that were meant to destroy Russia may end up disintegrating the European Union.


Recurring disinformation about Western sanctions on Russia, war in Ukraine and on EU disintegration.

The EU and other countries around the world adopted several sanction packages against Russia due to its illegal aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territories. Not all trades restrictions are yet enforced as the energy sector needs longer transition periods, so it is too early to assess the full effect of the sanctions. However, it is incorrect to state that Russian economy would be barely affected or would even benefit from the sanctions. Otherwise, the Russian leadership would not feel the need to constantly demand the sanctions be removed.

Disinfo: War against Russia was initiated to set economic sanctions against Russia

Ukraine is cynically used by the West. The West uses the war in Ukraine to bring Russia to its knees and bleed it economically. Nobody cares about Ukraine, which is exploited for strategic interests of the United States. US and the West have miscalculated. The initial objective was to provoke Russia to be able to destroy its economy through sanctions.

Sanctions have meanwhile been reduced to nothing. Initially, it was thought that Russia would quickly collapse under these sanctions. But against all odds, Russia has not collapsed and continues to fight. Western policy has imposed sanction after sanction after sanction, without any result.

Conclusion: The West has been a victim of its own error. Even more: the losers are Europe, which is currently sinking into an energy and economic crisis and the biggest loser is Ukraine, which is only a pawn on the Western game board.


Recurrent disinformation message about the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the economic sanctions that followed against the aggressor party. This claim reverses the whole chain of events pretending Russia is not the aggressor in Ukraine but defends against Western aggression.

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched an unprovoked and illegal full-scale invasion of Ukraine under the pretext of the “de-Nazification and demilitarisation” of Ukraine. Russia had earlier issued assurances to both Ukraine and the whole world that it was not planning to invade Ukraine.