Disinfo: Russia has the right to reclaim the original Russian lands from Ukraine


There should be friendly states along the perimeter of the Russian Federation that recognise the special role of Russia in the post-Soviet space. States that pursue an anti-Russian policy must understand: Russia will not make any concessions.

Russia has all the rights to reclaim the original Russian lands of southeastern Ukraine.


Recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narrative questioning Ukrainian statehood.

Ukraine is a well-defined nation-state that has preserved language, literature and identity, despite foreign rule for long periods of time. It is a sovereign state whose borders are guaranteed by international agreements but were violated by Russia, which started a war in Ukraine in 2014.

See also previous narratives claiming that there is no Ukraine, that Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians are the same nation, and that Ukrainians are Russians, not Ukrainians.


  • Reported in: Issue 197
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 05/05/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Abandoned Ukraine, War in Ukraine, Russian world, Ukrainian statehood
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The European Union has become a real “meat grinder”, which “grinds” small countries

The EU has become a real “meat grinder”, which “grinds” small countries. The EU has turned the Baltic states, Bulgaria and Romania into a “market for the empire.” And local production was destroyed under the pretext of “inconsistency with European standards.”


The US and some Western countries do not allow European countries to request Russian aid

The US and some Western countries push their geopolitical interests even during the coronavirus crisis, and do not allow European countries, even NATO partners, to contact Russia for aid and assistance.


Disinformation narrative claiming that Moscow is ready to provide disinterested help to  European countries affected by coronavirus but “superior friends” (US, NATO, EU) did not allow Russia to do so.

The Italian experience proves that this is not true.

US’ media keep silence on Biden’s accusations of sexual harassment

Joe Biden, who plans to compete for the post of head of state on a Democratic Party ticket, was accused of sexual harassment. But what is curious: the press and the public, who usually relish such stories in detail, are now simply keeping silent.The largest television channels ignored the story. Nobody even asks Joe Biden about accusations of harassment. It is worth noting that the most influential US media support the Democrats. It turns out that when the presidency and the interests of his candidate are at stake, the harassment and rights of women journalists are not so worrying.


The statement is untrue. Russia's Channel 1 (Pervyi Kanal) released its report on Biden on April 29th. On April 27th, CNN's editor urged Joe Biden to address the accusations. On May 2nd, Joe Biden sent a letter to the secretary of the Senate requesting the release of any documents related to a sexual assault allegation made by onetime staffer Tara Reade, as reported by CNN. The New York Times, was one of the first outlets in the US to report on the allegations on April 12th, even interviewing Tara Read who accused Biden of sexual harassment. The Washington Post published its own investigation.

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