Disinfo: Russia has enough proof about US interference in the parliamentary elections


Russian authorities have enough proof that US high tech companies have been interfering in State Duma elections.


This case is part of a developing disinformation narrative promoted by pro-Kremlin media outlets in response to the 2021 Russian legislative (Duma) elections which took place on 17th-19th September 2021.

No evidence is provided to support the claims. In the lead up to the elections, Russian authorities have been trying to restrict the so-called smart voting, an electoral method initiated by poisoned and jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, according to which opposition-leaning Russian voters could support local candidates. The method was initiated due to the disintegrated nature of the Russian opposition.

On 5 September, a Russian court in Moscow ordered US tech giant Google to stop displaying the term smart voting in its search results, widely seen as an attempt to reduce chances of the opposition as the Duma elections approached. The same demand was put on Apple for their app store. Both Google and Apple removed the apps / links to the "smart voting" platform.

In contrast to the claim put forward by pro-Kremlin media outlets, the United States, as a government of a foreign country, has not intervened in the Russian political process in the way described above. The US-based search engine Google is a privately owned company, operating its business completely independent from the US government.

Navalny and his opposition movement are a frequent target of pro-Kremlin media. Explore cases of disinformation related to the jailed opposition leader here.

The Russian elections are not considered free and honest. A lot of opposition candidates have been barred from participating. The European Union expressed its concern about the situation in Russia ahead of the elections.

There are also legitimate concerns about their freedom. For example, for the first time since 1993 the OSCE will not send election observers to Russia, as the Russian authorities had put last-minute limits on the number of observers so low that it would not allow the OSCE to work in an effective and thorough manner (down from OSCE-planned 500 to Russia-allowed 60).

See here the EU declaration following the Duma elections.

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  • Reported in: Issue 259
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/09/2021
  • Article language(s) Greek
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, US
  • Keywords: Elections, election meddling, Anti-Russian, Alexei Navalny
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Disinfo: Russia is not a party to the war in esatern Ukraine

The question of the conflict within Ukraine cannot be discussed [with Russia] since Russia is not a party to the conflict. Nothing has changed in this sense.


The claim above is part of a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the war in Ukraine, attempting to portray the situation in Eastern Ukraine as a civil war and as a response to the 2013-14 protests in Kyiv. It is also often painted as a coup d'état portraying Ukraine as an aggressor on its own territory. The ultimate aim of the narrative is to distract the Kremlin's violations Ukrainian sovereignty since the 2014 events.

Ukraine is not at war with millions of people in the Donbas region as pro-Kremlin disinformation often likes to present it. The aim of these messages is to present the situation in Eastern Ukraine as an internal conflict, ignoring irrefutable evidence of direct Russian military involvement in the region since February 2014.

Disinfo: The Israeli Mossad was involved in the 9/11 attacks

The official narrative about 9/11 is a lie. Architects and engineers have proven by means of science and physics that the 9/11 attacks were provoked by controlled demolition and not by two aluminum planes that crashed into the Twin Towers. It has also been proved that the Pentagon was hit by a missile.

The Israeli Mossad was involved in the 9/11 attacks, and the CIA was aware of this. The US government was strongly influenced by pro-Israeli politicians, like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who were willing to kill thousands of U.S. citizens.

There have been many valid investigations on 9/11 linking the US government with Mossad's involvement, but corporate media, Google, and Western politicians continue to subvert the facts.


Recurring disinformation narrative suggesting that the Israeli and the US government were involved in organising and carrying out the 9/11 attacks.

There is no factual evidence to support the article’s conspiracy theory claiming that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were conducted by Israeli intelligence with the complicity of US government officials.

Disinfo: 9/11 was planned by US to use as a pretext to attack Afghanistan

Each building [of the World Trade Center] fell vertically downwards, almost at the speed of free fall. This could only happen if the previously installed very powerful charges were detonated. To cut steel, spray concrete and bring down a building in such a short time requires forces much more powerful than a fire combined with gravity.

Thermite is an incendiary substance used by the military, which burns intensely, giving off a large amount of heat. You see a bright substance pouring from the 81st floor of the South Tower. And white smoke that appeared at the base of the building. This could be alumina - a byproduct of the thermite reaction.

It's been 20 years since the 11 September 2001 disaster. Taking this pretext, the United States sent troops into Afghanistan less than a month later. But for 20 years, no one has answered the questions posed by the heroes of the film, eyewitnesses, experts.


Unfounded conspiracy theory on the terrorist attack on World Trade Center in New York on 11 September 2001 suggesting the US government's involvement.

The September 11 attacks, also commonly referred to as 9/11 were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the militant Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States of America on the morning of 11 September 2001.