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Russia has the lowest child mortality rate in the world

Summary of Disinformation

Russia has the lowest child mortality rate in the world. It is an official UN data. Last year, we had a record low child mortality rate.


According to the data for 2017, provided by the UNICEF, a specialised UN agency, child mortality rate (under age 5, per 1,000 live births) in the Russian Federation equals 7.6. It is one of the highest in Europe. The child mortality rate in the US is 6.6, in the UK – 4.3, in Belarus and Germany - 3.7, in Estonia – 2.7. The lowest child mortality were noted for Norway (2.6), Finland (2.3), and Iceland (2.1).

The same data is provided by the World Bank.

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Reported in: Issue 134
Date: 29.01.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Russia
Keywords: children, health, Demography, Russian superiority
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: 60 Minut @ Rossiya 1 (13:00)
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