DISINFO: Russia is at war with NATO, not Ukraine
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DISINFO: Russia is at war with NATO, not Ukraine


The united NATO countries are waging an open war against Russia, the purpose of which is to eliminate the country as a free and sovereign state, eliminate the historical roots of our country, culture and traditions.

Everyone understands perfectly well that a real open war is being waged against the Russian Federation today.

Тhis is not a war with Ukraine, Russia is not at war with Ukraine.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin outlets presenting what is happening as a war with NATO, claiming that NATO is directly involved in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine on the Ukrainian side, accusing the West of anti-Russian policies, aggressive Russophobia and allegedly belligerent and hostile agenda aiming at destabilising Russia, portraying Russia as a victim and denying any responsibility for Moscow’s illicit actions.

NATO does not aim at destroying or disintegrating Russia and is not in war with Russia. Since Russia launched its aggression against Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the West has been calling for Russian withdrawal from Ukraine and a peaceful settlement.

Some NATO member states are providing Ukraine with military assistance to repel the unprovoked Russian aggression, but they are not involved in direct fighting. Ukraine receives weapons with the sole aim of restoring its territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.

Western instructors are teaching Ukrainian soldiers how to use modern weaponry, but there are no NATO troops fighting on the front. Ukrainian counter-offensive is led by the Ukrainian military political leadership.

NATO as an organisation is not involved in fighting in Ukraine. Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, said in September 2022: "No, NATO is not at war with Russia. I have to be very clear about that. <...> If Russia would attack one of our allies, then it is absolutely clear, and we make that as clear as we can to Russia, that we would defend every inch of allied territory. Then Russia and NATO will be in a conflict. But until that moment, NATO is not at war with Russia."

The US, the EU and NATO condemns n the strongest possible terms Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is entirely unjustified and unprovoked.

At the Madrid Summit, NATO Leaders stated that the Alliance will continue political and practical support to Ukraine "as it continues to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression. In the longer term, we will assist Ukraine, and support efforts on its path of post-war reconstruction and reforms."

Since Russia began its aggressive and unprovoked actions against Ukraine, Russian officials have accused NATO of a series of threats and hostile actions. Read here about Russian Myths on NATO.

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