Disinfo: Russia is the main investor in Moldova


Russia is the main investor in the Republic of Moldova.


This pro-Kremlin narrative aims to show Moldova as a country dependant on Russia. This type of narrative is used in reference to other countries, too - see a similar example here.

According to the Moldova State News Agency, in 2018, more than 80% of foreign direct investments were drawn to Moldova from the European Union. Investors from the Commonwealth of Independent States countries accounted for 6% of the accumulated capital.

Read a similar case about Moldovan imports from the EU here.


  • Reported in: Issue 153
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03/06/2019
  • Language/target audience: Romanian
  • Country: Moldova, Russia
  • Keywords: economy, EU, Trade
  • Outlet: Sputnik.md
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A Ukrainian general has conspired against Zelenskyy

A Ukrainian general in Donbas ignored the orders of President Zelenskyy to establish a ceasefire. Instead, he ordered to continue military actions.


This message is aimed to question the powers and legitimacy of Ukrainian authorities and is consistent with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukrainian statehood.

There have been no statements made by President Zelenskyy or his representatives concerning the alleged violation of ceasefire by the Ukrainian Army and insubordination of high-ranking military officers to Ukraine’s president.

In Germany there is a longstanding campaign to discredit Russian media

In Germany, there has been a longstanding campaign to discredit Russian information sources, structures and organisations like Sputnik or Russia Today. Representatives of the local political establishment and professional journalist associations are taking part in this campaign.


Government spokesman Steffen Seibert reacted to accusations that had spoken of a state campaign against Russian foreign media in Germany. "Anyone who makes such absurd allegations in the world has little knowledge of Germany and little idea of freedom of the press," said government spokesman Seibert.

In the past, various and numerous German media and the German Journalists' Association [DJV] have criticised individual Russian broadcasters for the way they work. The head of the German Journalists' Association, Frank Überall, commented on the accusations in a press release issued: "There is no campaign against Russian foreign media in Germany, only unanimous criticism from different sides of their working methods."