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Russia is the main investor in Moldova

Summary of Disinformation

Russia is the main investor in the Republic of Moldova.

Sputnik.md, Sputnik.md(Russian edition)
Sputnik.md, Sputnik.md(Russian edition)

This pro-Kremlin narrative aims to show Moldova as a country dependant on Russia. This type of narrative is used in reference to other countries, too - see a similar example here.

According to the Moldova State News Agency, in 2018, more than 80% of foreign direct investments were drawn to Moldova from the European Union. Investors from the Commonwealth of Independent States countries accounted for 6% of the accumulated capital.

Read a similar case about Moldovan imports from the EU here.

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Reported in: Issue 153
Date: 03.06.2019
Language: Romanian
Country: Moldova, Russia, EU
Keywords: economy, Trade
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik.md
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