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Russia rates higher than the US and EU in effectiveness of government

Summary of Disinformation

Russia bypassed the US and the European Union in the rating of the effectiveness of governments. According to the survey of residents of 52 countries, Russia took the 16th place, and the leaders were the Philippines, Vietnam and India. Of the EU countries, Poland has the highest result – 21st place, – and the USA took 41st place, between Greece and Armenia.


The study, whose short results are published on the website of the holding company "Romir", is not at all a rating of the effectiveness of governments but a survey of public opinion in 52 countries on the attitude of residents to the leadership of their states (the Russian word "government" in this case is an inaccurate translation, since the English government means not only the cabinet of ministers, but also the system of public administration as a whole).

For a rating of the effectiveness of public administration, based on objective factors, rather than on the opinion of the population, see e.g the World Bank report (Russia occupies the 117th place out of 208) or the Freedom House report (Russia is labeled "not free").

Further debunking by the Insider

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Reported in: Issue 106
Date: 26.04.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, EU, US
Keywords: Democracy, Human rights
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RIA Novosti
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