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Russia saved Belarus from Western bombing like in Yugoslavia

Summary of Disinformation

After the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Belarus was next on the list for Western “democratisation”. However, the West did not dare to apply this scenario against Belarus because of the latter’s military alliance with Russia, a nuclear state. Instead the West decided to undermine Belarusian statehood by financing the opposition. During 25 years of Lukashenko ruling the West undertook at least seven attempts to organize revolution in Belarus. Mass protests after the 2006 presidential election in Belarus were managed from Vilnius and sponsored by the American CIA through Lithuanian State Security Department.


Conspiracy theory. The disinformation message is consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the Western attempts to instigate colour revolutions in EU neighbourhood.

No proof of any Western plans to bomb Belarus is provided. The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was a response to mass ethnic cleansing of Albanians by the Yugoslavian authorities, not attempt of democratisation. No proof of CIA sponsorship of post-election protests in Belarus in 2006 either.

No evidence presented to prove the multiple 'colour revolution' attempts by the West in Belarus. Whereas the publication claims there were least seven western attempts of colour revolution. According to earlier disinformation cases there were six attempts.


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Reported in: Issue 143
Date: 28.03.2019
Language: Belarus
Country: Yugoslavia, Russia, The West, Lithuania, Belarus, US
Keywords: Colour revolutions, Conspiracy
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RuBaltic
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