Disinfo: Russian hacker detained in CZ was tortured by the FBI


Russian hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin was put into a mental hospital where he was tortured by Czech police and FBI. American security services wanted to force him to confess that he manipulated the US presidential election.


No evidence given. While it is true that Mr. Nikulin was temporarily hospitalised due to mental issues, but there is no evidence behind the speculations that he was tortured nor that the FBI were involved. iz.ru/642773/dmitrii-laru/v-chekhii-rassleduiut-zaderzhanie-rossiiskogo-khakera;, www.seznam.cz/zpravy/clanek/hra-o-hackera-nikulina-cesky-soud-rozhodl-ze-smi-byt-vydan-do-usa-i-do-ruska-32195,


  • Reported in: Issue 80
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13/09/2017
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Czech Republic, Russia, US
  • Keywords: FBI, Manipulated elections/referendum, US presence in Europe, Secret services
  • Outlet: aeronet.cz cz.sputniknews.com ac24.cz


Cases in the EUvsDisinfo database focus on messages in the international information space that are identified as providing a partial, distorted, or false depiction of reality and spread key pro-Kremlin messages. This does not necessarily imply, however, that a given outlet is linked to the Kremlin or editorially pro-Kremlin, or that it has intentionally sought to disinform. EUvsDisinfo publications do not represent an official EU position, as the information and opinions expressed are based on media reporting and analysis of the East Stratcom Task Force.

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A man was fined for eating bacon in front of Muslims in Sweden

A man was fined for eating bacon in front of Muslims in Sweden.


The man was charged after insulting women wearing veils on the grounds of their ethnicity and religion. The man held bacon in front of their face and demanded that they should eat it.

When the three women changed to different seats, the man followed them. He also said he "hates Muslims". Attunda District Court judged that the man's intention was to insult the three passengers on the grounds of their ethnic origin and creed.
www.thelocal.se/20170901/no-a-man-was-not-convicted-in-sweden-for-eating-bacon, , theins.ru/antifake/69387,

Laundromat: Azerbaijani targeted with fake news inspired by Soros

Azerbaijan targeted with fake news inspired by Soros.


No evidence that would prove that the articles would be inspired by George Soros or that they would be fake.

The Azerbaijani Laundromat is a complex money-laundering operation and slush fund that handled $2.9 billion over a two-year period through four shell companies registered in the UK. The scheme was uncovered through a joint investigation by Berlingske (Denmark), OCCRP, The Guardian (UK), Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Le Monde (France), Tages-Anzeiger and Tribune de Genève (Switzerland), De Tijd (Belgium), Novaya Gazeta (Russia), Dossier (Austria), Atlatszo.hu (Hungary), Delo (Slovenia), RISE Project (Romania), Bivol (Bulgaria), Aripaev (Estonia), Czech Center for Investigative Journalism (Czech Republic), and Barron's (US).

Poland was the initiator of the WWII

Poland was the initiator of the WWII.


By the early part of 1939 the German dictator Adolf Hitler had become determined to invade and occupy Poland. Secret negotiations led on August 23–24 to the signing of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact in Moscow. In a secret protocol of this pact, the Germans and the Soviets agreed that Poland should be divided between them, with the western third of the country going to Germany and the eastern two-thirds being taken over by the USSR.
On August 31, 1939, Hitler ordered hostilities against Poland to start the next morning. The invasion began as ordered. In response, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3. World War II had begun. www.britannica.com/event/World-War-II,

Further debunking: theins.ru/history/70515,