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Blaming Russian hackers is Macron's favourite excuse for his country's problems

Summary of Disinformation

[Blaming] Russian hackers is Macron’s favourite excuse for the country’s problems. He says they tried to hack his elections, Russian trolls spoiled his reputation, Russian bots were convincing yellow vests to protest. French special services looked for Russian trace all over, and found nothing. But that did not even matter.


There have been several reports about the role of social media accounts connected to Russia in amplifying the yellow vests protests. The investigation, as announced by French authorities, started on December 8 and is ongoing. No evidence given for the alleged French conclusions.

There has been evidence of Kremlin behind hacking French elections.

Pro-Kremlin outlets often try to convince the audience that some claims are only made to distract us from the real problems. This is applied in this case, and we have also seen it, for example, in the Skripal poisoning case.


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Reported in: Issue 140
Date: 10.03.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, France
Keywords: yellow vests, election meddling, Emmanuel Macron
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Itogi Nedeli @ NTV (44.15 - 44.30)
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