Disinfo: Russian president's call for peace towards Europeans: The USA desire...


Russian president’s call for peace towards Europeans: The USA desire to overtake Russian lands and wealth and destroy its population, even if that means war in Europe and slaughter of European nations. Ukrainian government is openly fascist and is committing genocide of Russian-speaking population, and the EU is now its accomplice. The article calls for a boycott of warmongering mainstream media and pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian politicians.


Origin of the "Vladimir Putin's call" is unknown. // Repeating older disinformation, all claims have already been debunked many times.


  • Reported in: Issue 10
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 04/01/2016
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: US, Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: European Union, Genocide, Ethnic Russians, Vladimir Putin, Information war, Nazi/Fascist
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Islam is a product and an instrument of hidden US...

Islam is a product and an instrument of hidden US politics. It became an asset for an American project of broad dominance over the world. Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State are led by US special forces – John McMurtry, Emeritus Professor of philosophy at the Canadian University of Guelph. // Collective demonization of Muslims applied over the world represents an ideological instrument of the US. The US leads a holy crusade against Muslims. Muslims are confused with terrorists. Islamophobia serves a campaign against Muslims in Europe and North America.


No evidence given of US trying to demonize Muslims and support islamophobia. President Obama rejects the term Islamic radicalism: huff.to/1kYf8MG,

The West is to blame for what's happening in Syria

The West is to blame for what’s happening in Syria. However, the Syrian people have risen and are still fighting for their culture, independence and future, in spite of the fascist West and their Arab allies, treacherous NGOs, media etc. Russians came to rescue Syrian people and since then over one million of Syrians have returned home.


No evidence for any of these claims. The claims about a million refugees returning home can be found only on pro-Kremlin sites.

EU leaders are trying to eradicate Christianity

EU leaders are trying to eradicate Christianity. Not only in the EU countries, but in those affected by Brussels and Washington, too – says Igor Druz from the presidential institute RISS.


No evidence given.