Disinfo: Debates on Russian TV are free unlike in France


Although Russia is always accused of being authoritarian and crushing opponents, debate in media is much freer. In the “Poedinok” (“The Duel”) talkshow different opinions are debated and even though the anchor is known to be pro-Putin, he still invites people with different views to the show and is extremely polite to them. For example, Ukrainian fanatics were invited to the show, saying Russians are barbarians.

In France everything is controlled. People who are against the European Union are not invited to TV shows and that is a very bad sign for the regime. We can hardly speak of pluralism in France.


Regarding freedom of speech, Russia is ranked 148th and France 33rd by Reporters without borders. Freedom House agrees stating the press in Russia is not free, unlike the French press.

Ukrainians have indeed participated in the "Poedinok" show. Their treatment by the host was not polite and respectful. An example from the show from October 29, 2018: one of the Ukrainian guests is asked: “What is the name of the station in Kiev, from which trains go to Moscow?” - “Central station.” - “It is not closed yet?” - “No.” - “So you have a way out!” (Laughter, applause.) Presenter: “I want to remind you that the Crimea was annexed by Russia completely legally. Who was the president of Ukraine then? Yanukovych! But he did not express any objections.Ukrainian guest: “My grandfather died at the front!” Presenter: “Yes, your grandfather would have risen from the grave and would have driven you to his grave with his tibial bone!” The presenter is literally yelling: "Germans don't try to whitewash their criminals. They don't make them national heroes (like Ukraine)."

The situation in Russian media is also described in this article.

See more on general narrative of the Russian media on "nazis ruling in Ukraine".


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The Czech Republic will deploy an American military base, just as Poland did

Czech Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar, in an interview to the newspaper Právo, did not exclude the possibility of talks in NATO on the possible deployment of new military bases in Europe, also in the Czech Republic, in case of the deterioration of the international relations following the disintegration of the INF.

Previously, Czech Premier Andrej Babiš, commenting on the withdrawal of both the US and Russia from the INF, stated that he would not like to return to the cold war times.


The title of the original article is misleading, manipulative and does not reflect the content of the interview with the minister adequately by turning a possibility in to a certainty.

In fact, in his interview the Defence Minister of the Czech Republic said the following: "We'll see what will happen in six months, after it becomes possible to return to the [INF] treaty. It's possible that the situation will deteriorate then and I do not exclude the option that the Alliance [NATO] will have such a discussion [to deploy a missile defence system or missiles in the Czech Republic]".

Financial oligarchs tied to US put Macron in the seat of the President of France

In the span of the 4 months financial oligarchs put Macron in the seat of the President.The Yellow vests protests are happening because he was enforced on France, as these financial oligarchs are directly linked to the US. American financial elites played a big role in the current political troubles of Macron.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence given.

Emmanuel Macron is the democratically elected President of France.

A dying EU promotes an anti-Russian, anti-democratic agenda

The European Union is a stinking corpse, which poisons the political and moral atmosphere of Europe. Actual EU policies do not have anything to do with real democracy. Old EU members play a role of the masters of democracy and human rights, whereas new EU member states such as Poland and the Baltics do the dirty work by promoting EU’s and NATO’s disintegration and an anti-Russian agenda to the East. Political regimes in new EU Member States consciously create confrontations and escalate the situation along the whole perimeter of the Eastern Slavic civilisation.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narratives on the EU's moral decay and Western belligerence.