Disinfo: Sanctions against Russia are geared to create a Russian Maidan


Sanctions against Russia are not meant to change its actions regarding Ukraine. Sanctions are geared to meddle in Russian internal affairs. They want to bring down the economic growth to zero, increase protests, mass demonstrations in Moscow, lower the ratings of the democratically elected popular President and create conditions for a coup – à la Russian Maidan.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about sanctions and colour revolutions in and around Russia.

Since March 2014, the EU has progressively imposed restrictive measures against Russia, in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and the deliberate destabilisation of Ukraine.

In March 2015, the European Council linked the duration of economic restrictions to the complete implementation of the Minsk agreements, the sanctions have no relation to internal political developments in Russia.

Read more about the impact of the EU sanctions on Russia here.


  • Reported in: Issue 164
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13/09/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: EU, Sanctions
  • Outlet: 60 Minutes @ Rossiya 1 (46:08 - 46:33)
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The Holocaust was instigated by the evil Rothschilds for creating their own nation state

The creation of the Zionist State of so-called “Israel” was massively unjust right from the beginning: an entity conceived in treachery, theft, and cruelty and politically justified vis-à-vis the evil of the burnt offering which is the exact meaning of the word Holocaust. In this manner, the evil Rothschilds’ cult of Moloch belief in human sacrifice, in this case the Holocaust, was a precursor and a required harbinger for them to steal and carve their own nation state.

It’s hard to fathom that this puny, desert-stricken patch of Rothschild Zionist-created entity which measures no more than 8019 square miles – all of it illegal and stolen of course – practically controls the Middle Eastern foreign policy mechanisms of the governments of the US, EU, UK, Canada, France, and many others in the Western world. Apparently, at least for now, size doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Rothschilds have always been fully behind this Frankenstein golem, falsely and blasphemously called, “Israel”, in which the Rothschilds are both the Frankenstein and the golem.


Disinformation and anti-Semitic hate speech. The article is full of age-old, unfounded, anti-Semitic tropes. See here for other examples of anti-Semitic disinformation narratives. It can be noted that Soviet Russia was the first country in the world to recognize the state of Israel de-jure, 17 May 1947.

For information about EU-policies to combat anti-Semitism - see here.

The Luciferian Zionist Rothschild crime family controls the Western mainstream media

For approximately 250 years, the multi-faceted Zionist Rothschild crime family, with its prototypical Luciferian, anti-Christian, anti-religion, globalist aspirations, has tirelessly worked to intertwine and morph itself into the already existing global financial power structure as well as take over the helms of the mass brainwashing apparatus that we now call the controlled Western mainstream media.



An unfounded, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, suggesting the existence of a "shadow government", headed by "The Rotschilds" and controlling the media, the finance sector and all branches of government.