DISINFO: Secularised and decadent Western societies worship money
  • Outlet: Geopolitica.ru - Italian (archived)*
  • Date of publication: February 12, 2020
  • Outlet language(s): Italian
  • Reported in: Issue 184
  • Countries / regions discussed: US
Western values West European values

DISINFO: Secularised and decadent Western societies worship money


The secularised and materialistic societies of the US and the West are decadent. They worship money, are devoted to the obsessive search of pleasure and are based on the cult of total freedom at any cost.


The article repeats the pro-Kremlin disinformation theme about the West’s moral decadence, materialism, perverted values and hostility to traditional religion, which Western governments allegedly seek to undermine and to replace with pseudo-religions (such as LGBT ideology).

Liberal-democratic Western societies are not dominated by the decadent and anti-religious value-systems described in the article. These societies have institutionalised pluralism, which means the peaceful coexistence of different religions, world-views and value-systems within the same society.

Western societies are not based on the “worship of money” nor on the “cult of total freedom”. They are based on the values of liberal democracy, including civil rights and human rights, and equality before the law. Liberal democracies, however, recognise that individual freedom can never be absolute, since one person’s freedom may conflict with another's.

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