Disinfo: EU is preparing new visas for Serbians – this is the end of integration


The proposal of the European Commission, adopted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, to introduce authorisation for citizens from the Western Balkans countries travelling to the Schengen area sounds like abolishing the visa-free regime through the back door.


The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is not a visa. A visa free traveller does obviously not need a visa to enter the Schengen area, and ETIAS will not change this. ETIAS will be an automated IT system created to identify any risks associated with a visa-exempt visitor travelling to the Schengen Area. This concerns citizens of all visa free countries, currently over 60 countries including the US and Canada. ETIAS is expected to be operational as of 2020, pending the adoption in the European Parliament and Council. Questions and answers: European Travel Information and Authorisation System www.dw.com/sr/nije-viza-%C5%A1ta-je-onda/a-41083364,


  • Reported in: Issue 85
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20/10/2017
  • Outlet language(s) Serbian
  • Country: Serbia
  • Keywords: European Commission, EU/NATO enlargement, Visa liberalisation
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In Ukraine only death is free of charge

Adopting the medical reform, Ukraine has in fact abandoned the cost free medicine. Ukraine has legalized a death penalty for those who need medical help. The reform is a genocide of Ukrainian nation.


Recurring disinformation about Ukraine's reforms. The fundamental medical services (like general medical examination, paediatrics, childbirth, special health care) will be still free of charge. Only part of the services will be paid by the patients, and paid services should not exceed 20 % of all the health care services provided by a hospital. Moreover, reform introduces the transition to the insurance medicine. www.segodnya.ua/politics/reforms/deputaty-progolosovali-za-medreformu-chto-zhdet-vrachey-i-ukraincev-1065160.html,

Srebrenica will repeat in Ukraine

If the border of separatist-controlled DNR and LNR with Russia will be closed this will trigger a massacre in this area like one which took place in Srebrenica in the early 90s. Russia will not allow this, though Ukrainian authorities already started offensive that resulted in around 10 000 victims.


No evidence given, recurring disinformation. According to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the killings at Srebrenica, compounded by the mass expulsion of Bosniak civilians, amounted to genocide.There is no evidence of a threat of a genocide in Ukraine.The conflict in Ukraine escalated to a war after Russia annexed Crimea and started to support the separatists. euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=genocide&disinfo_issue=&date=,

Europe is guilty of an anti-constitutional coup d'etat and crisis in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine is a result of an anti-constitutional coup d’etat and Europe is guilty of this.


No evidence given. The demonstrations which began in Kyiv in November 2013 – called "Maidan", or "Euromaidan" – were not provoked from outside but were a result of the Ukrainian people's frustration with former President Yanukovych's last minute U-turn when, after seven years of negotiation, he refused to sign the EU–Ukraine Association Agreement and halted progress towards Ukraine's closer relationship with the EU as a result of Russian pressure. The protesters' demands included constitutional reform, a stronger role for parliament, formation of a government of national unity, an end to corruption, early presidential elections and an end to violence http://bit.ly/2ftv6iT.