Disinfo: Soros sees big opportunities after COVID-19 ‘puts our civilisation at risk’


Billionaire speculator George Soros sees big opportunities after Covid-19 ‘puts our civilisation at risk’. He labelled the pandemic as the crisis of his lifetime, having the chance of remaking society amid the “revolutionary moment” that, according to him, preceded the virus. While he didn’t elaborate, Soros has invested 1 billion dollars in the last months to set up a university network to fight “nationalism” and climate change, calling the initiative “the most important project of my life”. And he hinted that the political lives of Chinese president Xi Jinping and US president Donald Trump, which he called “dictator” and “aspiring dictator” respectively, were coming to an end. Soros’ Open Society Foundations played a key role in fomenting “colour revolutions” in societies that lack the kind of “openness” determined by Soros, adding a potential layer of threat to what on the surface sounded benign. Soros-funded groups have been working to remove Trump from power practically since his inauguration, and the billionaire sees dictators everywhere.


This is a deliberate distortion of the interview billionaire Geore Soros gave to the outlet Project Syndicate, where he made clear that he saw the Covid-19 pandemic as a catastrophic event that “totally disrupted people’s lives and required very different behavior”, and where he made no mention to “big opportunities” or the chance of remaking society. The aim is to portray Soros as an evil and ever-destabilising figure with no morality, part of a Shadow Government ruling the world and promoting its own agenda.

George Soros is a recurrent target of Russian disinformation, which frequently accuses him of being behind controversial issues. See the EUvsDisinfo article about the all-powerful Mr. Soros.

Here you can find other examples of this disinformation narrative, such as Soros’ alleged promotion of massive migration to Western countries, his destabilising manoeuvres all over the world, his participation in ‘colour revolutions’ and protests in Romania, Russia, Armenia, Czech Republic or Mexico (among many others), his supposed links to the whistleblower who triggered the impeachment process against Donald Trump, or his adoption of the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit those who speak the truth.


  • Reported in: Issue 197
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/05/2020
  • Language/target audience: Spanish, Castilian
  • Country: China, US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Donald Trump, Colour revolutions, George Soros
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The coronavirus vaccine will reduce the population

The new coronavirus vaccine will be used to reduce the population. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides funding of up to100 million USD for discovering better ways to identify, isolate and treat cases of new coronavirus infection.


Conspiracy theory, with no evidence provided to support the claim.It is a pro-Kremlin narrative against billionaire Bill Gates and attacking vaccination programmes. Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, became a frequent target of conspiracy theory followers and is being accused of sponsoring and creating coronavirus, for aspiring to reduce the population and poison it with vaccines. 

Similar cases about Bill Gates can be found here.

The blockade of the economy under the pretext of coronavirus has been prepared for a long time

Coronavirus is a so-called pandemic. The economic crisis caused by the so-called pandemic was thought of a long time ago.

The final decision to start a special operation, code-named COVID-19, was made at a closed meeting of the World Economic Forum Summit in Davos. The decision was announced a week later by the World Health Organization.

As a result, Bill Gates, the American billionaire  began to take over this organisation. His foundation became the main donor to WHO.


A conspiracy theory about the coronavirus pandemic sharing a recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about "secret elites" controlling the world.

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11 March, acknowledging that the virus had become a global phenomenon. Before that date, the situation was being described as an epidemic, illustrating that the virus had already spread to many people, and many communities, at the same time. As of 20th May, the total number of COVID-19 cases detected had passed 4.7 million.

Facebook distorts historical truth about WWII

Facebook has removed the photo of the Victory Banner over the Reichstag: was it an accident? I don’t think so. In the situation of removal of the famous photo of the Victory Banner, no one can believe in some kind of mistake or accident.

This time, Facebook blocked an account of a user, who published an original and well-known photo from Berlin of 1945. This photo is an illustration of a real historical event. But in current reality, the corporations, together with the authorities of particular countries, try to impose censorship, distorting the historical truth.


A pro-Kremlin conspiracy narrative about Western social media (primarily, Facebook), which are used by foreign governments or “secret elites” in order to promote various anti-Russian messages or inspire “Colour revolutions”.

The claim that Facebook carries out a policy of censorship aimed at the distortion of historical truth about WWII is conspiracy theory not supported by evidence.
According to the response from Facebook quoted by TASS, the situation with the removal of the recently-coloured photo of the Soviet Victory Banner took place as a result of a mistake of automated instruments used by the social network. This mistake was quickly fixed - the historical photo of the Soviet Victory Banner over the Reichstag is widely available on Facebook.