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Strikes of the Russian and Syrian Air forces are inflicted solely on the confirmed terrorist targets

Summary of Disinformation

Russia calls on the USA and its partners to recognise responsibility for the crimes committed by the coalition in Syria. Strikes of the Russian and Syrian air forces are inflicted solely on the confirmed terrorist targets. Therefore, there can be no talk of peaceful coexistence with them.


Pro-Kremlin regular narrative that Russian Forces do not target civilians. There is a growing body of evidence documenting Russian and Syrian bombing of civilian targets.

According to Amnesty International,  Russian warplanes deliberately targeted civilians and rescue workers during their bombing campaign. The human rights group has documented attacks on schools, hospitals and civilian homes. The director of Amnesty's crisis response program, Tirana Hassan, said that after bombing civilian targets, the Russian warplanes "loop around" for a second attack to target the humanitarian workers and civilians who are trying to help those have been injured in the first sortie.  More information about Russian military intervention in Syria, about civilian deaths. Reports from  international organisations: Humar Rights Watch,  UN Human rights office, Atlantic council.  Read the Bellingcat investigation. And the most recent case is here.


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Reported in: Issue 152
Date: 23.05.2019
Language: Armenian Russian
Country: Russia, Syria
Keywords: Russia's Ministry of Defence, Syrian War
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Armenia
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