Disinfo: US aims to corrupt local authorities in order to obtain total control over Moldova


The US aims to corrupt local authorities in order to obtain total control over Moldova. Over the last 25 years Moldova has benefited from 1 billion dollars offered by USAID, but the ordinary people did not benefit from this money.


No evidence provided that the USAID financial help aims to corrupt local authorities. List of USAID projects in Moldova here. The author tries to suggest that money coming from US funds is not being implemented in concrete projects, which is a fake affirmation. As Timpul.md reports, US funding has been used in infrastructure projects, e.g. $ 500,000 allocation for the construction of a water treatment plant in Teleneşti. Further debunking here (in Romanian): api.md/news/view/ro-amenintarea-americana-in-republica-moldova-preocuparea-propagandei-rusesti-1695,


  • Reported in: Issue 85
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20/09/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Moldova, Russia, US
  • Keywords: USAID, US presence in Europe, Corruption


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USAID will try to decentralize Moldova and after that Moldova will be annexed by Romania

Beyond the economic support provided by USAID, the political forces behind the agency aim to organize a coup in Moldova in favour of the pro-Western parties. We will see a gradual removal of the pro-Eastern political leaders or, at least, a diminution of their influence. USAID is primarily aimed at destroying diplomatic relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation in order to strengthen the US position in Moldova and South-Eastern Europe. USAID will try to decentralize Moldova and after that Moldova will be annexed by Romania.


Conspiracy theory, no evidence provided for this recurring disinformation. USAID provides assistance to strengthen Moldova’s democratic governance and economic growth, not colour revolutions and coups. It helps Moldova implement lasting democratic and economic reforms that will improve living standards for all Moldovans. There is no evidence that Romania would be keen to annex Moldova. Further debunk: api.md/news/view/ro-amenintarea-americana-in-republica-moldova-preocuparea-propagandei-rusesti-1695,

“To hijack” for 20 million: the US is preparing to seize Moldova under the nose of Russia

The USAID funds aim to decentralize Moldova. This will mean that the power will pass from the national authorities to the local ones. In this context the local authorities will be absolutely dependent on foreign donors. This actually is proved by the activity of the declared program of the United States Agency for International Development. An infrastructure with manual control at the local level is created in front of us, strongly linked to the American institutes and development funds.  


No evidence provided of the US trying to seize Moldova. USAID partners with Moldova to improve government effectiveness and accountability, and promote decentralization of the government. It aims to strengthen linkages between local governments and citizens to increase citizen engagement in the governance process. It is not "manual control" of the local authorities but a basic principle of a democratic society. Further debunk by Api.md.

Slovakia, as the only country in the NATO, will be buying Russia’s armoured vehicles

Slovakia plans to buy Russian armoured vehicle Tygr on a regular basis. It was announced by Denis Trifonov from the Military industry company.


Both Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence of Slovakia have denied this claim as disinformation. See more here: https://www.omediach.com/hoaxy/item/11896-ministerstva-popreli-tvrdenie-rusov-a-hlavnych-sprav-o-nakupe-ruskych-obrnenych-vozidiel-tiger