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Swedish children forced to pray to Allah in school

Summary of Disinformation

Nowadays, more and more schools are forcing Swedish children to kneel and pray to Allah. The goal of Prime Minister Löfven is clear, Sweden is going to be a Muslim country.

Screenshot of disinformation at www.faktiskt.se/granskat/dn/helt-fel/den-har-bilden-ar-inte-ett-belagg-for-att-svenska-skolbarn-tvingas-knaboja-och-be-till-allah/,

According to the fact checking site Faktiskt.se, it was an eight year old image that has been used for propaganda purposes for several years that has once again spread since it has been shared in the big Facebook group "Stand up for Sweden". The image is said to show how Swedish school children are "forced to kneel and pray to Allah" but actually the image show a theme day at a school in Kristianstad, where students told each other about their respective families' traditions.

The same image has been shared in the Russian-language websites as an example of "European integration" and "Refugees teach British children how to pray Namaz".  Liveinternet, Ruan

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Reported in: Issue 113
Date: 14.06.2018
Language: Swedish
Country: Sweden
Keywords: Islamisation, Muslim/Islam, Migration crisis
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Social media
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