Disinfo: The 2014 killings in Kyiv was a set-up by the protesters


It is a secret to no-one in Ukraine today, that snipers, apparently acting on orders by the leaders of the coup d’Etat, performed the killings at the Maidan in Kyiv in February 2014


An unfounded claim, presented without a hint of evidence. Similar claims have been repeated frequently: examples here and here, in line with a recurrent narrative on “false flag operations”.

The Ukrainian judiciary has received criticism for the slow pace of investigating the violence, demanding the lives of around 100 protesters and 13 police officers. International media have shared highly critical remarks towards the Ukrainian authorities. This criticism does not support claims on the killings as a set-up.

For a critical and thorough review on the shootings and the lack of legal actions against the suspect - see here.


  • Reported in: Issue 247
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03/06/2021
  • Article language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: Euromaidan, false flag, Coup, UN
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Disinfo: Maia Sandu and PAS pledged to liquidate hundreds of villages in exchange for money

In Moldova, Maia Sandu and PAS pledged in front of creditors to liquidate hundreds of villages in exchange for millions of dollars.

President Maia Sandu and right-wing parties have the intention of liquidating two-thirds of districts and villages. Sandu has pledged to the IMF and the World Bank to implement this devastating plan immediately after the July 11 anticipations.


Recurring disinformation narrative targeting President Maia Sandu and pro-European political parties in the Republic of Moldova. Similar narratives were widely circulated before the November 2020 presidential election in Moldova.

Currently, the Republic of Moldova is divided into 32 districts. There is no mention in the electoral program of the PAS party (member of which used to be Maia Sandu) about any administrative-territorial reform. The spokesperson of the President, Sorina Ștefârță, explained for StopFals.md that there is no document regarding the territorial administrative reform or the liquidation of the mayoralties. For further debunking see here.

Disinfo: The West organises a coup in Belarus in the name of democracy

The West organises a coup d'état in Belarus in front of the whole world and its criminal activities are guised as democracy, thus tarnishing the image not only of the West but also of democracy as one of the most progressive forms of government. The West's unquenchable desire and thirst for a coup d'état in Belarus turned into apparent schizophrenia.

The majority of Belarusians did not follow the Western-inspired unrest, and President Lukashenko managed to avoid a so-called colour revolution for the country and maintain stability.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative presenting popular protests in Belarus as a “colour revolution” orchestrated by the West.

The pro-Kremlin media frequently use disinformation narratives about popular protests allegedly incited and run by the West, including, what they refer to as “colour revolutions” in post-Soviet states, the “Arab Spring”, Euromaidan in Ukraine, protests in Catalonia and the latest protests in Russia.

Disinfo: Eastern Partnership, the tool of Russophobes in the big game against the East, failed in Belarus

West assigned to Lithuania the role of the main Russophobe in the post-Soviet area and ׅ“pawn” in the global game whit the East. EU's Eastern Partnership programme is the part of this game as anti-Commonwealth of Independent States for countries which will choose “European development vector”.

Lithuanian Russophobia could claim credit for the “Revolution of roses” in Georgia and Euromaidan in Ukraine. But later something went wrong. Eastern Partnership skids in Armenia and Moldova and fails in Belarus. Even project “President Tikhanovskaya” under control of Lithuanian spin doctors falls apart.

Belarusian vector of Eastern Partnership programme is in a stalemate. Even the Balts, the biggest Russophobes in the EU, recognise it.


Recurring narratives representing Lithuania as a Russophobic state, coordinator of colour revolutions in the post-Soviet area and tool in the hands of the EU. Also presenting EU’s Eastern Partnership as the anti-Russian project.

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) initiative is not against any country; it is a mutually beneficial and constructive platform for countries in the region to build a closer relationship with the EU if they choose to do so. The EU does not demand any of its partners to make a choice between the EU or any other country.