Disinfo: The absolute majority of Orthodox Ukrainians consider themselves to belong to the Moscow Patriarchate


The absolute, overwhelming majority of Orthodox people in Ukraine belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.


According to the sociological research of the Razumkov Center, since 2014, after the annexation of Crimea and the beginning of the war in Donbas, the number of Ukrainian citizens who identify themselves with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, which is independent of Russia, has significantly exceeded the number of supporters of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the control of the Moscow Patriarchate, and the gap is widening. See table on page 17: Question: To which Orthodox Church do you belong (percentage of those who consider themselves Orthodox)?

2010 2013 2014 2016 2017 2018 Church of the Moscow Patriarchate 34.5 27.7 24.8 23.0 17.4 19.1 Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate 22.1 25.9 31.9 38.1 38.8 42.6 Ukrainian Autocephalous Church 1.3 1.2 0.9 2.7 1.5 0.4


  • Reported in: Issue 118
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/09/2018
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: fake statistics, Orthodox Church
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Disinfo: On 11 September, the US proves its support for terrorism and conflicts

“Shocking: On 11 September, 17 years after terrorist attacks in New York, the US proves its support for terrorism and conflicts”. The US threatens Syria with a strong reaction in case of a chemical attack. In fact, the accusations concerning “two previous chemical attacks” have never been proven, and the Chemical Weapons Organization did not agree that Damascus has used prohibited weapons.


No evidence given. The mission of the US-led coalition (Combined Joint Task Force) is to militarily defeat DA’ESH in the Combined Joint Operations Area by, with, and through regional partners in order to enable whole-of-governmental actions to increase regional stability – by conducting a campaign against Da’esh in Iraq and Syria in four phases www.inherentresolve.mil/campaign/, Earlier, pro-Kremlin disinformation has claimed that both the 2017 attack in Khan Sheikhoun and 2018 in Douma were faked. UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism found Syria’s Government responsible for last year’s attack in Khan Shaykhun. On April 10 2018 Russia vetoed a U.S.-drafted U.N. Security Council resolution that would have created a new inquiry to ascertain responsibility for chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Background: On 7 April 2018, a high number of civilians were killed in the besieged Syrian city of Douma, with evidence pointing towards another chemical attack by the regime, according to the EU. According to the World Health Organisation, during the shelling of Douma on Saturday, an estimated 500 patients presented to health facilities exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/statements/2018/chemical-attacks-syria/en/ See also Bellingcat's open source survey on the suspected chemical attack: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2018/04/11/open-source-survey-alleged-chemical-attacks-douma-7th-april-2018/ In September 2017, the UN Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic summarized 33 separate incidents where it had found use of chemical weapons. Since then there have been several additional suspected chemical attacks. Between March 2013 and March 2017, the Commission documented 25 incidents of chemical weapons use in the Syrian Arab Republic, of which 20 were proven to have been perpetrated by government forces and used primarily against civilians. http://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/HRC/IICISyria/Pages/IndependentInternationalCommission.aspx

Disinfo: Opponents of Brexit will be forcefully dispersed by Britain’s military and police

Opponents of Brexit will be forcefully dispersed by Britain’s military and police announced Russia’s Strategic Culture Foundation. The anti-Brexit protests may lead to high crime rate, food shortages, lack of medical supplies, rising costs of goods and services and road and port blockages. The British police “already has a plan for suppressing street riots”.


The original article in English cites a leaked police document that says civil disorder is possible at Britain’s borders and ports in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the possibility of not signing documents regulating various aspects of British withdrawal from the EU. So it is not about police forces quashing demonstrations by people opposing Brexit. Further debunk by StopFake: https://www.stopfake.org/en/fake-british-authorities-preparing-anti-terrorist-operation-for-brexit/

Disinfo: Promising to Make a 'Good Juicy Chop' of Opposition Leader is No Physical Threat

The words of Viktor Zolotov (Director of the National Guard, “Rossgvardiya”) addressed to Alexei Navalny are no physical threat.


Zolotov challenged Navalny (by that time imprisoned) to a duel, demanding satisfaction and promising to make a “good juicy chop” of him in a matter of minutes. “Mr. Navalny, I promise you, before I step over you and wipe my feet on you, I will stage a show for the entire Rosgvardiya staff, and I assure you, after that you will be ashamed to go outside. And I know how to keep my word,” Zolotov said. See the full article by Polygraph.