Disinfo: The British government wants to replace the term “pregnant women” with “pregnant people”


The British government offered to replace the term “pregnant women” with “pregnant people” in the United Nations “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” in order to protect of rights of transgender persons.


The British administration fully supports transgender human rights, however has never appealed for the term “pregnant women” to be changed to “pregnant people” in the UN Covenant.The Guardian, Reuters, the Telegraph and the Mirror have all published a statement www.reuters.com/article/britain-transgender-rights/britain-lobbies-for-transgender-rights-without-dropping-word-women-idUSL8N1MY450, by the spokesperson of Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which states that the British government does not object to the use of the term "pregnant women", but demands that the rights spelled out in the Covenant be made available to transgender people and that their rights must not be neglected.mythdetector.ge/en/myth/united-kingdom-has-made-no-demands-expression-pregnant-woman-be-replaced,


  • Reported in: Issue 86
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/10/2017
  • Outlet language(s) Georgian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: UK, Georgia
  • Keywords: Western values, LGBT
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Sweden legalizes child marriages for immigrants

Sweden has legalized child marriages for immigrant pedophiles who wish to stay married to their underaged wives.


In Sweden it is illegal to get married before the age of 18. However, the current law was written before the issue of child marriages that has happened before the concerned child comes to Sweden, therefore the Swedish Government has given the Justice of the Supreme Court Mari Heidenborg the task of reviewing how protection against child marriage, forced marriage and ‘honour’ crimes can be strengthened. According to the Swedish Minister of Justice, "forced marriage and child marriage must be combated. Children who have entered into marriage abroad must feel that society is on their side." The part of the remit concerning the recognition of child marriages contracted abroad is to be presented in an interim report by 6 December 2017. www.government.se/press-releases/2017/03/stronger-protection-against-child-marriage-forced-marriage-and-honour-crimes/,

Ukraine is an artificially created structure that cannot function independently without the West.

Ukraine is an artificially created structure. It cannot function independently. It retains its territorial integrity only and exclusively because it is needed by the Western orderer as an uncomfortable neighbor for Russia.


Recurring disinformation. Ukraine is a legitimate state with a legitimate government recognized by all the the UN members and functioning due to the democratic President and Parliament elections held after in 2014.

Ukraine is as devastated now as in the 17th century

What is happening now, and in principle in the last decade in Ukraine, reminds a historical period of “Ruina” [ruin or devastation] in Ukraine from 1657 to 1687. After the reunion with Russia, real ruin and chaos began in Ukraine.


No evidence of the “complete devastation” in Ukraine today. The GDP of this country increased by 2.4% in the second quarter of 2017 comparing to 2016. Ukraine's gold and currency reserves reached US $ 18.6 billion in September 2017 (in 2014 - US $ 7.5 billion).

Read more about the prolonged state of chaos that contemporaries called “the Ruin" here.