Disinfo: British military intelligence will manage the integration of Moldova into Nato


Moldova will become even closer to NATO – British military intelligence will take care of the integration. Next week, a group of British troops from the British Military Advisory Training Team (BMATT) will arrive in Chisinau. […] The British Military Advisory Training Team is not included in the list of well-known military (intelligence) institutions in the United Kingdom. Specifically, Moldova will be visited by British specialists from the Czech branch of this training group, which is based in the city of Wyszkow and specializes in countries of Eastern Europe. It is assumed that BMATT experts coordinate their activities with British military intelligence (Defense intelligence).



Recurring anti-NATO narrative presenting any military exercise of the Moldovan military as preparation for NATO membership.

A team of the British Military Advisory Training Team (BMATT), based in Vyškov, Czechia, will deliver a junior command and leadership course to 30 personnel from the Armed Forces of Moldova. This kind of training have been delivered also last year, at Bulboaca poligon of the Moldovan National Army.

The British Military Advisory Training Team is a joint British and Czech team, located in Vyškov, within the Military Academy of the Czech Armed Forces, and was set up in 2000. The team’s mission is to provide military training courses to partner countries, in order to further develop their professional armed forces and their capabilities to participate in regional stability and multinational peace support operations.

Moldova is a constitutionally neutral state, who has never declared its intention to join NATO. Moldova set up relations with NATO in 1992, when Moldova joined the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, aiming to draw closer to Euro-Atlantic standards and institutions. NATO fully respects Moldova’s constitutional neutrality, as stated on its official web site.



  • Reported in: Issue 168
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 09/10/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Moldova, Czech Republic, UK
  • Keywords: EU/NATO enlargement, NATO
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Poland’s economic growth is achieved by the low level of life of the Poles

Since the 16th century, Poland has been the periphery of Europe – currently, it continues to be the European outsider. The economic growth of this country is achieved by the low level of life of the Poles. Also, the Poles have longer working week than any other country (after South Korea). The modern-day capitalists compensate for the lack of innovations in the Polish economy by the exploitation of workers and low salaries.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative about economic problems and market reform failures in Central and Eastern Europe - see other examples here and here.

Over the last two decades, Poland has become one of Europe's most dynamic economies, enjoying uninterrupted economic growth since the early 1990s, with average GDP growth of 4.2% a year, doubling its GDP between 1990 and 2015. This growth has allowed Poland to narrow the economic gap with the EU's most developed economies: the Polish GDP (at PPP) increased from 32% to 60% of the Western European average.

The war against Donbas people is waged by successors of the Hitlerites

The claim that Ukraine is in a state of war with Russia is absurd. This is a civil war which was provoked by a coup d’état. Ukrainian state officials promised to kill everyone in Donbas and to drop a nuclear bomb on them. This is a conflict between one part of the Ukrainian people who consider themselves part of Russian civilization and the aggressive one, supported by the West. This other side wants to tear Ukraine away from Russian World and to turn it into the buffer area between the EU and NATO, on the one hand, and Russia, on the other. This side of the conflict includes the darkest forces, successors and accomplices of the Hitlerites. The Donbas people are the successors of the winners over Nazism, while the war is being waged by those on the other side who consider themselves successors of fascist accomplices. How can Donbas people be reunited with the rest of Ukraine where flagrant Nazi gangs organize their marches and praise the murderers?


This publication is a mix of groundless generalization, conspiracy theories and manipulations, which follow recurring pro-Kremlin narratives about 2014 Ukraine's coup d'état, and Fascist / Nazi Ukraine. It is aimed to legitimize Russia-backed armed forces in Donbas and to demonize Ukrainian authorities by painting them as successors of the Hitlerites.

It also seriously misrepresents the ongoing acts of aggression by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine referring to alleged Ukrainian authorities' plans to exterminate the Donbas people including by dropping a nuclear bomb on them. Ukraine has no nuclear bombs. After signing the Budapest Memorandum Ukraine removed all nuclear weapons from its soil in exchange for assurances that Russia would respect its sovereignty. Russia's aggressive actions in eastern Ukraine are well-established and thoroughly documented.

Poland wants to prevent the Ukrainian-Russian reconciliation

Main political forces of Poland try to prevent the Ukrainian-Russian reconciliation – they are interested in the continuation of the conflict. They need this conflict to have an opportunity to continue frightening Polish society with the Russian Army.


This message is a pro-Kremlin narrative on the “Russophobic elites”, which try to use an alleged Russian threat for their domestic goals. In this case, the Polish elite allegedly uses the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine in order to frighten the Poles with Russia. See other examples of this message here, here and here.

The statement that the main political forces of Poland try to prevent the reconciliation between Ukraine and Russia using their conflict for domestic goals is a conspiracy theory. The Polish government and all major political parties of this country show their full support to solving the Russia-Ukraine conflict and complete restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine. See other examples of disinformation on the Polish-Ukrainian relations here, here and here.