Disinfo: The Brussels bureaucracy has not been elected by anyone


The Brussels bureaucracy has not been elected by anyone.


Selfevidently, if the claim concerns the bureaucrats - no, they are not elected as is the case in any similar system. If the claims concerns the politicians; the European Parliament is elected by the 500-million population of the EU and amounts to 751 MEPs. The Council of the European Union consists of ministers of all member states of the EU, from parties elected by their member states population. European Council is composed by the heads of government or heads of state of the member countries, elected by the parties their population voted for bit.ly/2kj5Zlo, , bit.ly/2jKazIx, .


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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 16/01/2017
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Disinfo: Unlike our Western partners, Russia has delivered and continues to...

Unlike our Western partners, Russia has delivered and continues to deliver real humanitarian assistance to the Syrian population, aimed at preventing a humanitarian disaster in a number of cities and towns of the country.


The European Union is the leading donor in the international response to the crisis. More than €5 billion have been mobilised for relief and recovery assistance to Syrians. More about what the EU is doing with regards to humanitarian aid to Syria here bit.ly/1Nunsvg.The, EU fully support to the UN-led process and to the UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura. During the Foreign Affairs Council on 16th of January, the Ministers recalled the need to ensure full humanitarian access and protection throughout the country bit.ly/2jH10vq, .

Disinfo: Putin has never waged war on Chechnya and Chechens

Putin has never waged war on Chechnya and Chechens. Putin was fighting Western-funded international terrorists and was freeing Chechen people from their destructive influence and violence.


The second Chechen war is considered to have started in 1999, when Putin was Prime Minister. According to the 2001 report of Amnesty International bit.ly/2iJiS8K, , during the year 2000, Russia committed war crimes such as killing innocent civilians, shelling villages, destroying medical facilities, torturing war prisoners, looting, sexual violence etc. According to Russian human rights organisation Memorial, the number of Chechen civilians killed and disappeared in the Second Chechen War exceeds 25,000. Hundreds of lawsuits have been submitted by Chechens against Russia to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). In 2005, the court defined for the first time the violation of the right to life, torture and inhumane treatment of Chechens by Russia.Further debunking at Eurocommunicator bit.ly/2j1IM63, . There is no evidence presented that the Russians were fighting Western-funded international terrorists.