Disinfo: The Capitol unrest is very convenient for the “deep state”


The Capitol unrest made it possible for the “deep state” to suppress those who disagree and opened the country to a de facto one-party system under the Democratic Party. The “deep state” did not even spare its own country and it is not clear what will “deep state” do when they find out usual methods of pressure do not work.

In order to defeat Trump, the Democrats not only violated the established rules of the domestic political game. They have threatened the political system of the United States as such, including freedom of speech and elections – and clearly do not intend to stop there. Given this scenario, the chances the US will stick to at least some foreign policy framework seems rather illusory – just see how the US uses sanctions or “humanitarian” bombing as systemic measures.


A recurring disinformation narrative about the so-called “deep state”.

There is no evidence to support the claim that a secret global elite is ruling the world and promotes wars and violence. Although the “deep state” conspiracy, claiming for instance that rogue spies are spreading lies about President Trump, has been popular among conspiracy theorists for some time now, there is no evidence of its existence.

It is not true that Democrats somehow violated the rules of democracy. President-elect Joe Biden, who was a candidate of the Democratic Party, won the popular vote by 7 million votes. Although the Trump campaign filed 62 election lawsuits to overturn the result, 61 of them have been dismissed. The OSCE Observation Mission stated that the 2020 Presidential election vote was “competitive and well managed”. Read more OSCE statements on the American elections here.


  • Reported in: Issue 226
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 09/01/2021
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The most violent US Capitol rioters were not Trump supporters but Antifa

Although it is true some of the protesters who marched into the US Capitol were supporters of President Trump, the most violent people responsible for the unrest and riots were most likely supporters of Antifa. Why? Because when somebody looks like an Antifa supporter, behaves like an Antifa supporter, and is armed like an Antifa supporter would be, they are most likely affiliated with Antifa or a similar organisation.


On 6 January 2021 hundreds of President Trump supporters breached the US Capitol after they managed to push through the barriers. The unrest happened as the Congress was to count electoral college votes to certify President-elect Biden’s victory. Five people, including a police officer, died. This incident happened after repeated claims of a “stolen election”.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stated there is no evidence at this point that perpetrators of violence at the US Capitol were Antifa supporters.

The US will split in half over stolen elections

American democracy is over and the country has split into two over the fraudulent presidential elections.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin allegation about the stolen votes of the presidential elections in Biden's favour. The other part of the disinformation claim is related to the instability of democracy in the USA.

The day before Congress formally had to affirm Biden's victory in the 2020 US Presidential election, Donald Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to protest.

The ”Democrats” usurpation of power in the US is a fact

The political drama in the US is over. The “Democrats” usurpation of power has become a fact. The successful coup d’etat, coinciding with the election, against the populist president Donald Trump demonstrated that it is hardly no future in an attempt to rely on the people when the elites are in general against. But who knows, the spark ignited 6 January might start a flame.


An unfounded claim, describing the democratic process of electing Joe Biden for President as a “coup”.

This is part of a recurring disinformation narrative about the US in the context of the US presidential election. In its interim assessment on the conduct of the election, the OSCE finds that the contest was: