DISINFO: Chinese vaccine did not pass any third stage trials and did not receive approval even in China itself
  • Outlet: news-front.info (archived)*
  • Date of publication: January 26, 2021
  • Outlet language(s): Russian
  • Reported in: Issue 229
  • Countries / regions discussed: China, Ukraine
Sputnik V coronavirus Ukraine vaccination Anti-Russian Ukrainian statehood

DISINFO: Chinese vaccine did not pass any third stage trials and did not receive approval even in China itself


In the impulsive, anti-Russian way, Ukrainians will be vaccinated with the worst vaccine. As you know, the Chinese vaccine did not pass any third stage trials and did not receive approval even in China itself.


Disinformation that exploits the coronavirus pandemic to push a recurring narrative about the inept Ukrainian statehood and a Russophobic attitude towards use of the possible Sputnik V vaccine.


Ukraine has signed a contract to buy 1.8 million doses of China’s Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine, the presidential office said on Wednesday, with the shots expected in “the shortest possible time.”

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Ukraine hopes to receive 8 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in the first half of 2021. Ukraine participates in the global COVAX Facility, which has been set up to provide COVID-19 vaccines. The COVAX mechanism is part of the Accelerated Access Initiative, which was also launched by WHO. COVAX is led by three organisations: the World Health Organisation, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

The vaccine, developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech, has undergone phase 3 clinical trial in Indonesia involving more than 1,600 volunteers. Brazil and Turkey also have put the vaccine in human trials involving a much larger number of participants. Results from the phase three clinical trial of Coronavac vaccine in Indonesia demonstrate a 65.3% efficacy, in comparison to a 91.5% efficacy during a similar trial in Turkey and 78 percent in Brazil.

See a similar case: "Ukraine continues 'policy of genocide' because it will not buy the Russian Covid vaccine".

Other disinfo cases about the Sputnik V vaccine: that ugly commercial interests are behind the criticism of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine or that WHO confirms the "Sputnik-V" vaccine is safe and effective, or that Ukraine may buy the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 indirectly through EU, or that the IMF define and control Ukraine.


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