Disinfo: The current leaders of Moldova are the puppets of Soros and the West


Moldova comes under complete Western external control after the defeat of Dodon. Despite the fact that Moldova is an independent country with certain state attributes, in reality, it is not a subject of politics but an object of influence from external forces. The Party of “Action and Solidarity” was created by the "chicken from the Soros nest". It is led by Maia Sandu, a former employee of the World Bank and a member of the Council of the Soros Foundation in Moldova.

This Party is ideally suited for external control – the leaders of this Party are nothing more than the wooden soldiers of Urfin Jus.


This is a mix of several recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives against Moldovan president Maia Sandu and the widespread narrative about George Soros and the West fully controlling the “non sovereign” Moldova.

These claims are an attempt to discredit President Maia Sandu and her Party by portraying them as Western puppets prior to the snap election that took place on 11 July 2021, where her former political formation secured the majority of seats in the Parliament, receiving more votes than pro-Russian Bloc of Communists and Socialists. Allegations against Moldovan NGOs, including those who receive funding from Western countries, are baseless and not backed by any evidence, and are connected to a long-standing pro-Kremlin stance that frames political oppositionindependent media and civil society organisations as Western Trojan horses and “foreign agents”.

See other examples of pro-Kremlin disinformation about Moldova, such as claims that foreign diplomatic missions managed the dissolution of the Moldovan Parliament, that Maia Sandu and PAS pledged to liquidate hundreds of villages in exchange for money, that the country can lose its sovereignty if pro-Western forces come to power, that Western foundations prepare the informative destabilisation of Transnistria, or that the Eastern Partnership is the EU’s colonial tool and the source of conflicts in post-Soviet states.


  • Reported in: Issue 253
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/07/2021
  • Article language(s) Polish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Moldova, EU, US
  • Keywords: Maia Sandu, West, Puppets, George Soros, Conspiracy theory, Sovereignty, Igor Dodon
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Disinfo: Liberalism is an openly totalitarian political system

Liberalism today is a political system that resembles ancient Rome: there is a tiny class of super-rich and the rest of society is completely passive and dependent on “bread and circuses”. Liberalism today rejects democratic appearances and has become openly totalitarian and omnipotent.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative aimed at discrediting liberalism and the West’s liberal societies by claiming that the latter are totalitarian systems.

Equating liberalism or Western democracies to totalitarian regimes is an obvious falsification of reality. Totalitarianism is a dictatorial system of government that attempts to control all aspects of social life, is based on terror and repression of dissent, and imposes an all-encompassing ideology on society.

Disinfo: The US and Colombia “help” to investigate the murder of Haiti’s president only to hide their own involvement

The murder of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse was the result of a criminal plan that points in several directions, ‘implicating some neighbouring countries and organisations related to the US and Colombia. More information is coming out, and other key elements of the crime point to Colombia. Since the murder became public, Bogota rushed to offer its help, showing its solidarity, but everything changed since the involvement of former Colombian soldiers.

The participation of the FBI, Colombia and the UN in the investigation leaves the impression that they don’t want to reach the truth, but to reach their truth. Not for nothing there are former Colombian soldiers involved, and we shouldn’t forget that all this was forged in Florida, or the involvement of a US citizen. This looks like an attempt to cover or give a fast solution to the crime, in a way that is convenient for two countries that are pointed and involved. Some are trying to whitewash their image in a very complicated situation they lost control of.


The affirmation that the participation of Colombian and US bodies in the investigation of the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse is an attempt to cover its implication and find a convenient “official truth” is not backed by any evidence. This disinformation message aims to make spectators believe that the US and Colombian governments were probably involved in the crime, of which there is zero proof.

Contrary to the claim, the fact that some of the suspects arrested are US citizens of Haitian origin or Colombians or that the plot was partially orchestrated in Florida doesn’t imply an official involvement of either government in the operation. On the contrary, US and Colombian authorities have been transparent about their findings of these mercenaries, such as the fact that some of them had received US military training when they were active members of the Colombian army or that one of them had been a former DEA informant, as well as many other details found by Colombian investigators.

Disinfo: The US attempted to bring about regime change in Venezuela

The US attempted to destabilise President Maduro’s government and to bring about regime change in Venezuela. Russia and China helped Maduro resist the US’s efforts.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the May 2020 attempted coup in Venezuela claiming that the US government was involved in organising it.

This is part of a recurrent Russian disinformation narrative about US-led regime change operations against left-wing governments in Latin America.