Disinfo: The election of Sadiq Khan as mayor of London indicates…


The election of Sadiq Khan as mayor of London indicates that migrants are conquering Europe. The policy of multiculturalism, tolerance and liberalism has led to fertility problems in Europe.


Sadiq Khan is a British citizen, former MP and human rights lawyer. No evidence given for the other claim.


  • Reported in: Issue 27
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13/05/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: UK
  • Keywords: Sadiq Khan, Elections, Migration crisis, Europe


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The TTIP treaty will lead to privatization of healthcare in Europe

The TTIP treaty between the US and the EU will lead to privatization of healthcare in Europe. Powerful corporations have already obtained power over people and even governments.


Public services including healthcare should not be affected by TTIP at all: "TTIP won't affect governments' ability to: operate public monopolies or grant exclusive rights to a particular private supplier; decide how to run water distribution services, or publicly-funded education, health or social services; or subsidise these services."

The decision of how public services are delivered will remain the exclusive right of each EU country: "Governments can decide, or change, who delivers a public service at any time. This means there's no so called 'ratchet clause' for public services."

After the military coup in Kyiv, Ukraine became an enemy…

After the military coup in Kyiv, Ukraine became an enemy state for Russia, controlled by Washington.


Repeating already debunked disinformation. The demonstrations which began in Kiev in November 2013 were born out of Ukrainians' own desire for a closer relationship with the European Union, and their frustration when former President Yanukovych halted progress toward that goal as a result of Russian pressure (bit.ly/1Ri9ldy), . Ukraine's President Poroshenko was elected on 25 May with a clear majority in a vote which the OSCE characterized as showing the "clear resolve of the authorities to hold what was a genuine election largely in line with international commitments and with a respect for fundamental freedoms" (bit.ly/1Tdu8Qw), .

The refugee influx is masterminded by US billionaire and speculator George Soros

The refugee influx is masterminded by US billionaire and speculator George Soros via over a hundred of NGOs, which whisper in the ear of the European Union to encourage the settlement of migrants.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about George Soros.

The refugee crisis is a consequence of Syria’s civil war which forced more than 4.5 million people to flee their homeland (bit.ly/20sP8fS), . The EU believes that enabling civil society organisations and people at the grass roots to take an active role in policy-shaping and decision-making is key to the democratic legitimacy of public institutions and their work (bit.ly/1VeMq9O), .