Disinfo: The end of “Chimerica” prevented morbid fantasies of Russophobes


The US and its allies speak about China’s responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic. There are no proofs of Chinese implication in the COVID-19 creation just as no proofs of Russia’s implication were in the Skripals’ case. Despite the absence of whatever proofs NATO countries organised a large anti-Russian campaign. Now the West is preparing a much more aggressive anti-Chinese campaign aimed to undermine China’s economy and geopolitical status. The US is abandoning a globalisation model which contributed to China’s economic development.

China is becoming the main adversary for the US and its NATO allies. A big confrontation between the EU and China can result in armed conflict. Russia is the main beneficiary of this development because the global order based on Chinese-American alliance (“Chimerica”) will no longer be possible. “Chimerica” could become the worst scenario for Russia, Russia would not be able to withstand “Chimerica.”

Under “Chimerica” Russia would have to become part of Western civilisation on American terms and would have to abandon its sovereignty. The most morbid thoughts and sadistic fantasies of Russophobes could become real. Russia would be deprived of nuclear arms, its territory would be reduced to the boundaries of the Moscow principality, it would give away its territories to Germany and Ukraine and would pay compensations for the so-called Soviet occupation to the Baltic states. Russia would also have to bring apologies for the victory over Hitler and to recognize the Red Army a criminal organisation. The Abrams tanks would run through the Red Square. In the absence of “Chimerica” Russia will be a third global power benefiting from US-China conflict.


This is a recurrent conspiracy trope, consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narratives about Russophobia and the West's deliberate anti-Russian activities. It offers a variety of morbid speculations about negative consequences Russia could suffer in case of US-China global alliance, the so-called "Chimerica."

As for China's implication in the spread of coronavirus, at least four federal class-action lawsuits have been filed in the US against the Chinese government that aim to recover trillions of dollars in damages for what plaintiffs allege is China's failure to contain the coronavirus outbreak and notify the international community about its danger. Legal experts believe the chance of these actions leading to any actual recoveries is slim.

In its duty to deflect blame from Russian authorities and establish their “innocence”, the pro-Kremlin media regularly insist that there is no evidence in the Skripal case that implicates the Kremlin, our story Conspiracy mania marks the one-year anniversary of the Skripal poisoning, explains.

See earlier disinformation cases alleging that WADA's doping accusations, just like Skripal case and the downing of MH17 are Russophobic provocations, that the West plans to attack China financially for the coronavirus outbreak just as it did to Russia before, and that Russia is groundlessly accused in spreading disinformation about coronavirus.


  • Reported in: Issue 195
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: China, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, US, Germany
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Sergei Skripal, Red Army, Anti-Russian, Russophobia, NATO, Conspiracy theory


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Some in the US want to prevent China from explaining its efforts to deliver aid against Covid-19

When Condoleezza Rice said that “we shouldn’t let China shift the narrative on what it did with Covid-19”, she was referring to the fact that Chinese authorities delivered humanitarian aid to the affected countries once they overcame the outbreak in their country. Rice is part of an administration that was planning a war with China for 2015.


This is a deliberate distortion of the words of former US Secretary of State and Hoover Institution Fellow, Condoleezza Rice, who actually said, in an online interview with the site RealClear Politics: “[Chinese authorities] are going to try to shift the narrative from their initial responsibility for not fessing up to what was happening, to we got on top of it and this is how we helped the world. That's how they're going to shift the narrative. Don't let it happen”. As it is clear from the original interview, she wasn’t referring to obscuring China’s aid deliveries, as claimed, but to hiding China’s alleged initial mistakes in handling the pandemic and concealing its severity.

Allegations that the Bush Administration was planning a war with China for 2015 are conspiratorial thinking not backed up with any evidence. On the contrary, Sino-US relations experienced a sustained period of unprecedented stability during George W. Bush's presidency (2000-2008), leading to increasing economic and international cooperation. In 2001, President Bush signed a proclamation granting China permanent normal trading relations (PNTR status) with the United States. There is no reason to think that the US may have been secretly preparing for an armed conflict with Beijing.

Microsoft’s patent “666” involves microchipping people to monitor daily activity in exchange for cryptocurrency

Microsoft has recently patented an invention that involves inserting microchips into people’s bodies in order to monitor their daily physical activities in exchange for cryptocurrency. Bill Gates’s interests in the pharmaceutical industry, in vaccination and in World Health Organisation financing are constantly mentioned these days.

Why is the number assigned to the patent 060606? Is this just a coincidence or was the “number of the beast” in the Book of the Apocalypse deliberately chosen?

Although the globalist media attempts to portray Bill Gates as a great philanthropist and is trying to protect him from criticisms and attacks it is unlikely that they will be able to hide an entire network of connections. Right now new information about the coronavirus is emerging, and globalist media are trying to hide it by blaming China for the pandemic.

The implantation of microchips into people’s bodies is nothing new. One example is the Masonic Youth Child Identification Program in the US.


The message contained in the article is consistent with the disinformation campaign that various pro-Kremlin outlets have recently been conducting against the Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates accusing him of having created the pandemic or of trying to exploit it for his own pecuniary interests.

Among these conspiracy theories is the allegation that Gates and other members of the “global élite” seek to exploit the pandemic to force mass vaccinations and inject microchips into people’s bodies in order to control every person on the planet.

Rockefeller Foundation and other organisations try to become supranational government during coronavirus crisis

In times of coronavirus the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, the pharmaceutical lobby, the World Bank Group and other organisations are seeking to become a kind of supranational government because national governments are allegedly unable to cope with epidemics, disease and famine by themselves. Actually, national governments can cope with the coronavirus by themselves, as China has shown.

Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, and GAVI the Vaccine Alliance are among the organisations that support the Digital Identity Project ID2020 Alliance. Founding partners of GAVI – the Vaccine Alliance include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank Group, the World Health Organisation and UNICEF.  GAVI- the Vaccine Alliance is a company that promotes and distributes vaccines around the world. Since February 2020, GAVI is focusing on the coronavirus pandemic.

The globalist media blames everyone except the West for the pandemic. New information about the coronavirus is emerging and globalist media are trying to hide this information by spreading disinformation about China’s role in the pandemic.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that blames the Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and other “global élites” for the COVID-19 pandemic or for trying to exploit it in order to increase their wealth, to reduce the world’s population or to create a global surveillance network by vaccinating people in order to secretly install tracking chips inside them.

The message contained in the article is also consistent with the pro-Kremlin narrative claiming that “global élites” seek to rob nations of their sovereignty and ultimately to install a world government.