DISINFO: The entry of Nazi Ukraine into the European Union would mean its collapse
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DISINFO: The entry of Nazi Ukraine into the European Union would mean its collapse


If the European Union really accepts as a member this state (Ukraine), where the Nazi groups rule the ball and the Nazi ideology reigns, which is incompatible with European values, [it] will mean the end of the European Union.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Nazi Ukraine (this narrative served as one of the pretexts for the Russian invasion of Ukraine) and about the EU's alleged imminent collapse if Ukraine joins the Union.

The myth of Nazi-ruled Ukraine has been actively used by the pro-Kremlin outlets as one of the favorite tropes for years to denigrate Ukraine.

The myth of Nazi-ruled Ukraine appeared during the Euromaidan protests in late 2013 - early 2014, when the then-president Viktor Yanukovych was toppled and later fled to Russia. The Kremlin has been using this myth since then to discredit Kyiv’s shift towards Euro-Atlantic policy.

In 2015 Ukraine issued a ban on Nazi and Communist ideologies. The far-right groups had a limited presence during the Euromaidan protests and have suffered defeats in every national election since, with a united front of all radical right-wing parties in the 2019 parliamentary elections winning only 2.15% of the vote falling far short of the 5% minimum treshold for entry into parliament.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy submitted an official request to allow his country to gain ‘immediate’ membership under a special fast-track procedure as it defends itself from a Russian invasion.

Ukraine has completed its membership questionnaire in its early bid to join the EU.

All EU member countries must agree on a framework for the negotiations and must then ratify the country’s treaty once negotiations are completed to finish the membership process.

See other examples of similar disinformation in our database, such as claims that the Ukrainian crisis was caused by the West’s disregard for neo-Nazi’s crimes, that Nazi ideology is evident in Ukrainian schools, that Ukraine is destroying European values, or that Ukraine is committed to European values like fascism in the 30s and 40s.


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