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The EU has spent 54 million euro to conclude that only women can bear children

Summary of Disinformation

The project is part of the 8th Framework Program, totaling € 12 billion, and has been classified as “successful” after a review in the Commission and all grants have been paid. Commissioner for Demographic Affairs Nikita Downing has announced that several similar projects are underway to illustrate the effective investment of European funds in research.

www.budnaera.com/201703f/17031741.html, www.facebook.com/EpohalniVremena/posts/1723274701077155

The source of the article is a satirical website www.gudelnews.com/2017/09/54.html, .

There is currently no Commissioner for Demographic Affairs as well as no Commissioner with the name of Nikita Downing ec.europa.eu/commission/commissioners/2014-2019_en, . There is no such research presented within the Horizon 2020 programme (the 8th Framework Program).

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Reported in: Issue 81
Date: 21.09.2017
Language: Bulgarian
Country: Bulgaria, EU
Keywords: EU, EU regulations
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Budnaera.com
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