Disinfo: The European Parliament is violating the UN Convention in order to force us to accept the Muslim immigrants.


The European Parliament’s quota decisions contradict the “Convention on the Status of Refugees” adopted by all UN member states. Article 26 on Freedom of Movement states that “Each Contracting State shall allow refugees lawfully in their territory to choose a place of residence and move freely within its territory, subject to certain exceptions laid down in proceedings under the same circumstances as foreigners”. This means that nobody, not even the European Parliament, should be able to redistribute refugees.


The EU asylum policy's objectives are to develop a common policy on asylum, subsidiary protection and temporary protection, with a view to offering an appropriate status to all third-country nationals who need international protection, and to ensure that the principle of non-refoulement is observed. This policy must be consistent with the 1951 Geneva Convention and the 1967 Protocol thereto. www.europarl.europa.eu/atyourservice/en/displayFtu.html?ftuId=FTU_5.12.2.html,

The freedom of movement as defined in Article 26 of the Convention on the Status of Refugees clearly states that each state must ensure that a refugee who is legally present on its territory has freedom of movement within the borders of that state. This means that the Czech Republic must ensure that a refugee who is legally resident in the Czech Republic can move freely within the Czech Republic.



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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/11/2017
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  • Country: Czech Republic
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Every accepted refugee has the right to family reunification, no proof is needed

Every third-country refugee accepted to EU territory has the right under the Family Reunification Directive to bring all his relatives later on. Demonstration of family ties is considered to be humiliating and therefore the refugee can invite whoever he/she wants and it does not have to be proven.


The Family Reunification Directive literally says that "the right to request family reunification is only granted to holders of a residence permit for at least one year and who can reasonably be expected to have permanent residence." It is clear that it is not about the right to family reunification, but the right to apply for family reunification. The application must be accompanied by family ties, such as those concerning close relatives (husband / wife, child, mother, father). The applicant for family reunification must be able to prove on request that he has accommodation that complies with the general safety and health standards, health insurance and permanent income for his / her own nutrition and for the maintenance of his / her family members. Moreover, it is clearly stated that "the Directive does not apply to applicants for refugee status" eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/CS/TXT/?uri=LEGISSUM%3Al33118, .

Czech Republic is undergoing islamisation with the help of the state

The attention of the media and the public is clinging to illegal migration, while the Czech Republic is Islamized by legal Muslim migrants. It is estimated that there are about 100,000 migrants from Arab countries in the Czech Republic and thousands more of them come each year. Most Arab migrants, according to the Ministry of the Interior, come from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Everything is happening unnoticed because migrants receive visas from Czech embassies in Arab states.


The total number of applications for a long-term visa in the Czech Republic in 2016 was 16 153. Americans (3191), Ukrainians (2819) and Russians (2143) are the nationalities that most often applied for long-term visas. The number of applications for long-term residence permits was even lower, namely 8226, which is a 25% decrease compared to 2015. The Embassy of the Czech Republic does not have the power to grant any kind of visa. The functions of Czech embassies abroad are more informative and diplomatic. Ambassadors are tasked to represent the Czech Republic and Czech culture abroad, to establish contacts, to ensure consular activity and to monitor the implementation of international treaties. As of September 30, 2017, the number of immigrants from Saudi Arabia recorded for temporary stay was 150 and 24 for a permanent period. There is only 1 Qatar immigrant in the Czech Republic, and only for a temporary period. www.mzv.cz/jnp/cz/o_ministerstvu/adresar_diplomatickych_mis/urady_ceske_republiky_v_zahranici.html, , www.mvcr.cz/clanek/cizinci-s-povolenym-pobytem.aspx?q=Y2hudW09MQ%3d%3d, , www.mvcr.cz/clanek/zpravy-o-situaci-v-oblasti-migrace-a-integrace-cizincu-v-ceske-republice-za-roky-2001-2016.aspx, .

President Poroshenko’s wife steals money from disabled children

Marina Poroshenko, the wife of Ukrainian president, steals money from funds provided by international humanitarian assistance to Ukraine from European countries and the US designated to support disabled children. She creates fake foundations throughout Ukraine and collects money via that, according to an investigation by European media.


The article was indeed published, but only in a media outlet called the Luxembourg Herald (which appears to have no link to Luxembourg), where it appeared as an opinion piece without an author's name. The article was very swiftly picked up and carried by various Russian media.  No evidence or documents were given in the text. http://luxherald.com/1459-president-poroshenkos-wife-involved-looting-money-needy-children.html. More detail from the fact-checking website the Insider.