The events in Cologne were staged by members of secret…


  • Reported in: Issue 11
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/01/2016
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Germany
  • Keywords: Sexual harassment, Cologne assaults, Secret services, Migration crisis
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NATO provoked Russia during the Ukrainian crisis

NATO provoked Russia during the Ukrainian crisis. NATO member states are politically dependent on the United States, EU member states should leave NATO in order to assume a neutral position between the United States and Russia – former Ambassador of Italy to the USSR Sergio Romano.


Sergio Romano repeats older disinformation with no supporting evidence given.

The Russian ministry of defence announced in a report that…

The Russian ministry of defence announced in a report that the commanders of German air forces were in a complete shock after a common mission with Russian air forces over Levanta war zone. This mission proved beyond all doubt that the US cooperate with ISIS on massive stealing of Syrian and Iraqi oil. German forces were able to witness 12 000 ISIS oil barrels and trucks crossing the Turkish-Iraqi border with full protection of the US and Turkey. The report says that there is more and more evidence coming up about Germany being blackmailed by the US, which is why it cannot say anything publically. The author demonstrates the blackmail on the fact that the US absurdly accused Germany of installing a defective software into their diesel cars to deceive machines measuring emissions.


The report claimed does not exist. // The US did not accuse German government of installing a defective software. US agency dealing with the protection of the environment accused a German company Volkswagen which already confessed:, // For further claims: No evidence given.