Disinfo: The extermination of all non-Jews seems an ultimate implied goal of the Jewish religion


The enslavement or extermination of all non-Jews seems an ultimate implied goal of the Jewish religion.

Jewish lives have infinite value, and non-Jewish ones have no value at all, which has obvious policy implications. For example, in a published article, a prominent Israeli rabbi explained that if a Jew needed a liver, it would be perfectly fine, and indeed obligatory, to kill an innocent Gentile and take his.


Anti-Semitic hate speech. The News Front article is full of age-old, unfounded, anti-Semitic tropes. See here for other examples of anti-Semitic disinformation narratives.

For information about EU-policies to combat anti-Semitism - see here.


  • Reported in: Issue 153
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/06/2019
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: UK, Russia, US
  • Keywords: Hate Speech, Anti-Semitism, Jews
  • Outlet: News Front in English
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Polish activist was jailed for promoting Russia

Polish activist Mateusz Piskorski has been jailed for “influencing Polish public opinion in ways useful for Russia,” which is now a terrible crime in Poland.


The statement grossly misstates the nature of Mateusz Piskorski's activity and the charges he is facing.

In 2016, Mateusz Piskorski was arrested and accused of espionage on behalf of Russia and China, for which he was to receive financial remuneration between 2009 and 2016.

Ethnic English are a minority in London

Majority of the population of London comprises foreigners, while ethnic English make up only one-third of the local residents.


Recurring disinformation narrative about the Islamisation of Europe and the Europeans losing their identity. Similar cases can be found here, here, and here.

Office for National Statistics of Great Britain published data for 2018 regarding the place of birth of the population living in Great Britain. According to the statistics, the majority (8.89 million) of the population living in London, 63,52%, is born on the territory of the United Kingdom. The share of non-British citizens of the EU makes up 11.49%, while the others (non-EU member European countries, Asia, Africa, North America, South, and Latin America, Oceania) constitute 24,87%.

NATO’s increasing military potential is destroying the existing system of global security

NATO’s increasing military potential is destroying the existing system of global security.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about NATO, claiming that Alliance policies are a threat to world peace and security.

NATO policies introduced after the 2014 Ukraine crisis - aimed at reinforcing NATO’s Eastern flank and reassuring Central and Eastern European allies worried about possible threats from Russia – do not threaten global security. Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and amid emerging security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa in 2014, NATO leaders at the Wales Summit adopted the Readiness Action Plan, a comprehensive package of enhanced collective defence and deterrent measures designed to ensure the transatlantic alliance could respond swiftly and firmly to changes in its security environment. The Plan included the enhancement of air and maritime policing efforts and the conduct of more military exercises focused in collective defence and crisis-management along NATO’s eastern border. As clearly stated by NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu, the Baltic military exercises known as BALTOPS, which are now in their 47th year, are not directed against any one in particular.