Disinfo: The German government and intelligence services criminalise criticism of immigration


The German government and intelligence services criminalise criticism of immigration policies and speculations about the establishment of organised units terrorising the opposition are growing. This is proven by a recent arson attack on the chairwoman of AfD Frauke Petry. Furthermore, crime and sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslims have increased in large cities in Germany, making it almost impossibe to go out in the evenings.


No evidence given for the claim that the opposition is oppressed by the government. The assault on Frauke Petry was carried out by an unknown perpetrator and the German police are investigating the case (bit.ly/2cF0IPJ), . According to the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) the number of crimes committed by refugees has risen proportionally slower than the number of refugees: (bit.ly/2aauKYS), .


  • Reported in: Issue 43
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 30/09/2016
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Germany
  • Keywords: Refugees, Sexual harassment, Secret services, Migration crisis
  • Outlet: protiproud.parlamentnilisty.cz
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Ukraine’s legal framework and morality have been destroyed

Ukraine’s legal framework and morality have been destroyed. The government has many sympathisers with neo-Nazi ideas, and “honest neo-Nazis” are fighting to get in. Ukraine is heading towards becoming a Nazi regime.


Extremists and provocateurs, to whom the Russian media devote much attention, are indeed one of the threats faced across the country. But they constitute a very small minority. The vast majority of Ukrainians want peace, stability and democracy, as witnessed by the democratic and inclusive Presidential elections held on 25 May 2014. This was reconfirmed by the parliamentary elections of 26 October 2014, where parties devoted to democratic values received the strong majority of votes. The far-right Right Sector (often depicted as "fascists" by pro-Kremlin outlets) gained only 1.8% of the votes, far short of the threshold needed to enter parliament. Ukraine's electorate clearly voted for unity and moderation, not separatism or extremism, and the composition of the parliament reflects that (bit.ly/1Tdu8Qw), .

The credibility of the Dutch commission is questionable

The credibility of the Dutch commission in charge of investigating the MH17 disaster is questionable, as is the plausibility of the evidence of the plane being shot down by a BUK AA-rocket launcher brought to Eastern Ukraine from Russia. Eyewitnesses must have been bribed.


The article tries to present one of the "alternative" versions made up by pro-Kremlin media to distort the objective facts pointing to Russian involvement: eepurl.com/chQYq1,