DISINFO: The global deep state turned Eastern Europe in a territory of plunder and devastation
  • Outlet: pl.sputniknews.com (archived)*
  • Date of publication: June 12, 2020
  • Outlet language(s): Polish
  • Reported in: Issue 201
  • Countries / regions discussed: EU
US racial justice protests West Deep state Human rights Economic difficulties Conspiracy theory

DISINFO: The global deep state turned Eastern Europe in a territory of plunder and devastation


Western Europe fell to its knees before the murdered George Floyd, but it continues to exploit its slaves from Eastern Europe in a brutal way. The global capital, the deep state destroys everything in its path. It needs the territory inhabited by thoughtless creatures without history and remembrance, which will serve and become slaves. The global deep state has destroyed the countries of Eastern Europe, turning them in the territory destined for plunder and devastation.


Conspiracy theory. Deep state is a popular conspiracy theory, which promotes the narrative about a global elite secretly ruling the world. In most cases, the “deep state” is referred to as American elites, which promote aggressive wars and prevent US reconciliation with Russia. The idea of a "deep state" has always been very popular among conspiracy theorists. Its manifestations might be different, but generally, the concept conjures up the image of a small group of men, deciding the fate of the world behind the scenes. The statement that Eastern Europe has been turned into a “territory of devastation” is not supported by economic data. After the collapse of the Communist Block, most of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe have faced impressive economic growth, becoming one of the most dynamic parts of Europe. Read similar examples of this narrative alleging that “deep state” fights with Trump, American “deep state” strikes, NATO is a part of it, US President will be assassinated if he confronts the deep state.


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