Disinfo: Ukrainian reforms aim to reduce the country’s population by 15 million people


For the so-called agrarian superpower to be able to feed itself, it is necessary to reduce the Ukrainian population. Rough estimates show that its population should be around 20 million people. Therefore, it has 15 million more people [than needed]. It is already quite obvious how this will be achieved. There is healthcare reform, which is directly aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian population. There is mass emigration. There is a drop in the birth rate. These are the necessary measures to bring the demographic balance to the [desired] economic model.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence given. Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine losing its statehood. It is also consistent with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the untenable requirements of the IMF and its work in Ukraine.

The reforms in Ukraine, including the controversial land reform, are aimed at improving Ukraine's economic and social conditions, as well as Ukraine's competitiveness on the world market. The land reform, according to the IMF, is among the reforms that can fundamentally transform the Ukrainian economy. The draft law, inter alia, excludes foreigners and foreign companies from buying land and limits the amount of land each person can buy and own.

See similar disinformation narratives alleging that George Soros will buy all banks and land in Ukraine and that Ukrainian land law was written abroad to benefit transnational corporations.


  • Reported in: Issue 191
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 02/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: Ukraine, Ukrainian disintegration, Ukrainian statehood


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Moldova is helped only by China and Russia in the fight with COVID-19

Death came from the West, and help – from Russia and China: the coronavirus showed who are the friends of the Republic of Moldova. Assistance to the Republic of Moldova was not offered by those, who are considered in the past three decades “development partners” and where Moldova holds the “integration path”, not by the EU and the US. But by Russia and China – those, who were collectively cursed all these years by various “eurointegrators”.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence given. Since the first case of COVID-19 was registered, the Republic of Moldova has started receiving aid in the form of money and medical equipment from several European states, but also from the USA.

So far, Russia has donated 10 thousand tests for the detection of coronavirus. And China has provided Moldova with 2,500 tests and 3 tons of medicines, materials and medical equipment needed to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus, including 100 thousand protective respirators.

Vaccines don’t heal; their production is part of the agenda for a New World Order

Cooperation instead of competition, doesn’t occur in the west. It’s all profit-driven. With a number of different vaccines from different pharma giants coming on the market, who will tell the patient which one is the best, most suitable for the patient’s condition? It smells like an utter chaotic scam.

The real question is – are vaccines – or a vaccine – even necessary?  Maybe – maybe not. The production of vaccines is pushed for profit motives and for an important political agenda for a New World Order – that has been planned to change human life as we know it, or thought we knew it.

Vaccines don’t heal, they may prevent the virus from hitting as hard as it might otherwise do, or not at all, depending on the age, physical and health condition of a person. Worldwide statistics show that usually a person up to the age of 40 or 50, who is infected by the COVID-19, has none or only slight symptoms, nothing to worry about.


Conspiracy theory; no evidence given. This is part of the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign about the coronavirus and attempts to push false health information, in this case promoting anti-vaccine messaging, which is also a recurring element of pro-Kremlin disinformation. The article merges the familiar pro-Kremlin conspiracy theory about a "Shadow Government" of all-powerful groups ruling the world with anti-vaccine messaging in context of the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting that vaccines are just a profit-driven ploy by "Big Pharma". See similar cases that the COVID-19 outbreak is a pretext to gain control of the world’s population, that the coronavirus will lead to the injection of nano-chips together with vaccines, and that COVID-19 will allow total control of the population through forced vaccination and chips.

Vaccines are supported by extensive scientific research. They are the main tool for primary prevention of disease and one of the most cost-effective public health measures available, saving millions of people from illness, disability and death each year. Immunisation through vaccination is the best defence we have against serious, preventable, and sometimes deadly contagious diseases. Thanks to widespread vaccination, smallpox has been eradicated, Europe made polio-free, and many other diseases almost eliminated. Effective and safe vaccines, which protect against a number of serious diseases, are available and many promising new vaccines are being developed. See more information on vaccines here. The World Health Organisation has a page devoted to anti-vaccine mythbusting here. Research is currently underway to develop a vaccine against COVID-19.

Part of the virus is specifically built for Iran using the genetic data of Iranians

People of Armenia must, one more time, go deep into the phrase uttered by the Supreme Leader of Iran: “Part of the virus is specifically built for Iran using the genetic data of Iranians, which they have obtained through different means.” That directly proves the United States’ illegal actions in the territories of other countries.


Media outlet amplifies disinformation claims and misleads the Armenian audience.. The author does not bring any pieces of evidence to back this claim.

This article quotes the words of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who refused American assistance to fight the new coronavirus citing a conspiracy theory claiming it could be man-made by the US government. He also alleged the virus "is specifically built for Iran using the genetic data of Iranians, which they have obtained through different means. You might send people as doctors and therapists, maybe they would want to come here and see the effect of the poison they have produced in person," Khamenei said.